5 Side Hustles You Don’t Know About

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It’s all about side hustles these days, but most of them are time sucks.

Before I get to those,

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I was talking recently to a lady that makes 6 figures driving for Uber and Lyft which blew my mind, but she works every single day.

That part was disheartening, but it made me feel better to know it’s possible to drive your way out of poverty if you needed to.

I have talked on here about surveys and apps, but these are 5 lesser known ways to make some extra cash to fund your online business, vacation, or recreational activities.

  1. The most obvious one I could find is to become a tutor.

Many people who travel abroad for months on end teach English to pay for their next meal.

However, there is need at home to teach math, physics, and other subjects.

If you know the derivative of a constant or how to calculate a vector, you can advertise on Craigslist, your local community center or schools as well.

Also, and allow you to create a profile so you can see if there is a demand for what you know.

2. Do you have a car that sits in your driveway all day or for any lengthy amounts of time?

You can rent your car out!

Do you have a nice Lambo or McLaren?

Those rent for even more than the normal Camry or Civic, but all vehicles can actually be rented out to people for a day or a few hours.

Websites like and connect you with renters that need your car for a day or so.

Make sure your insurance will cover it in case they get drunk and drive it off a bridge.

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3. Your drone can be a money-making machine.

Drones can get those photos and videos that nothing else can.

Are you the best drone operator in your neighborhood?

I bet your kids think so!

You could photograph weddings from above, do aerial land mapping and spy on bad guys!

Seriously though, you gotta get registered with the FAA so you don’t get a massive fine before taking your drone and income to the skies.

4. You may not believe how much traffic and response I get from people when I start talking about making money playing video games.

It is the dream job of thousands and maybe millions of people.

If I’m being honest, it does sound on the surface like a pretty good gig. is a website for gamers.

The way Twitch works is that you just broadcast yourself playing games and you can earn an income.

If you’re a noob, then you can ask for donations or sell merchandise if you have it.

After some experience and broadcast time, you can become an affiliate and earn money from the website for people that join and subscribe to your channel.

There is a higher tier that is more difficult to reach called partner where you can get additional funds if you have a large audience.

5. How do you feel about waiting in line or raking leaves?

If those are your 2 favorite things, then you could get rich on

TaskRabbit is a web meet up for people who can clean, run errands, or do tasks like put furniture together.

Some tasks pay better than others, obviously, but if you are willing to get your hands dirty, then this might be the side hustle for you.

You can build a profile there with all your awesome handyman and cleaning skills and people will request your services.

It’s not a bad way to earn a few extra bucks and it builds character.

I hope you found this helpful.

Phillip Adams

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