6 Apps That Pay You

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Are there really smartphone apps that actually pay money or is just a scam?

I’m going to review six apps here that do pay you to use them.

First let me explain that these apps are not enough to replace income, but could pay out enough to make it worth some of your time and maybe help out with finances.

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Ok now, here are the 6 apps and how they work:

#1. Swagbucks

Swagbucks is the most popular app for making some extra $$.

Most people have heard of it and Swagbucks works on both iPhone and Android.

Getting the app is free and the way you can earn is by watching “entertaining” (their words) videos, shopping, doing surveys, web searches, and finding great deals.

If you do those things, they give you points which can be redeemed for gift cards, or PayPal cashback.

Let me be clear, some of the rewards come from purchases so you need to pick and choose carefully which offers you want to go after.

Some of the online purchases may be things you are already buying so for that reason alone, it may be worth getting some points back for those.

#2. Perk TV

Perk TV pays you to watch movie and app trailers.

This app seems to me to be the best opportunity here because it can all be done at home and you can use up to 5 devices per account.

The app can be run on older devices so it might be worth it to dust off the old kindle fire or iphone 4.

They pay points per trailer and video which are later redeemed when you have accrued enough.

The payment is either gift cards or PayPal, but the gift card has a better exchange rate on the points.

The next 3 apps could be used together to make your time more efficient as they work similarly and you will most likely be in the same places.

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#3 Field Agent

This is a mystery shopper app and it’s only on iPhone.

After signing up, you can put in the distance you are willing to travel in your area to do the jobs.

Watch the app and jobs will appear for you to accept.

Once accepted, you have 2 hours to go do it and they pay anywhere from $1 to $13 per job.

The jobs could be any number of tasks:

take pictures, check displays, look for out of stock items, or do surveys.

Field Agent pays out to a Paypal account.

#4 Checkpoints and

#5 Shopkick work very similarly.

You go to stores and scan barcodes.

You get points for the scans that can be redeemed for gift cards.

I would recommend using these 2 together with Field Agent because you could be earning points on all three apps at the same time while performing the same or similar tasks at the same places.

Checkpoints and Shopkick are different apps and the point systems are done differently but they work almost the same as far as what you do for the points.

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#6 MyAppaware

This app is only available on iPhone.

Myappaware pays you to download and review apps.

This one is done a little differently in that many of the apps are paid for first.

You may need to buy the app, but then after submitting your honest review, they myappaware reimburses you for the purchase and pays you a bonus on top of that.

So, you could also be getting free apps that would typically cost money as well as the money.

The reviews should be honest and they may ask for suggestions and a Twitter or Facebook share as well.

I believe it has to be completed within 36 hours.

If an app is horrible, then let them know why.

They are still going to pay you for the review.

Thank you for reading.

Phillip Adams

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