6 Ways to Get Free Government Money

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Before we get started, I want to explain here that the only sites for government assistance I’m recommending on this post are actual government organizations or links to their programs.

My #1 recommendation to make money online is not a government website.

It is a training program to help people with little to no tech experience make money online.

This same program allowed me to quit my full time job and work part time from my computer at home.

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I’m making this clarification because many sites are offering programs under the guise of government assistance and they are not.

#1. The first way to get free money is to claim money that is owed to you.

Technically, it isn’t free because it’s already yours.

This is stuff that was somehow forgotten like maybe old rent deposits or utility overages.

If they couldn’t find you, it gets sent here:

You just go there and verify who you are and if there is money there, you can make a claim.

Also, if you are owed pensions funds, that you forgot about when you left your last job, go to:

There are thousands of names in these databases, so a few seconds of checking could be well worth your time.

#2. Down Payment Assistance for a Home

Before you scroll over this, it’s not only for low income families.

Some of the states are for families making six figures or more.

The beauty of this program is that the money really is free for the home buyer.

There are conditions that have to be met, but the money doesn’t need to be paid back.

Go to and find your state to get connected to the government site that can help you.

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#3. Health Care Assistance

The Affordable Care Act at this point is still working and you can still apply for a credit toward your insurance premiums.

Go to:

The benefit can be sent to the insurance company or given to you as a credit when you file your taxes.

Just make sure you pick the right option for you.

#4. College Grants and Scholarships

I hear constantly about how hard it is for students getting out of college with student debt.

I don’t doubt that at all, however there is government assistance in the form of grant money and scholarship programs for students to keep their debt down.

Be proactive and get it all up front.

The free application for student aid website is here:

The department of labor sponsors another scholarship website:

There are over 8,000 scholarship programs offered there.

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#5. Child Care Expense Assistance

Child care expenses can be extremely painful for families.

We have twin boys so literally any expense related to children is doubled.

The Administration for children and families has a website that links you to aid in your state:

This is an income-based program so not every family will qualify.

#6. Assistance with Utilities

At the same website already mentioned:

there is also a link for help with energy costs (heating and cooling).

and at, they offer assistance with phone services.

These two programs are also income-based programs.

I hope this was helpful.

Thank you for reading.

Phillip Adams

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