American Consumer Panels

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American Consumer Panels is a website that offers work at home jobs testing products.

There is a huge movement to work from home remotely due to the convenience of not having to commute.

It is easier than ever to do so since internet and broadband is so accessible to most Americans.

So, how would you like to test products for big brands that want opinions on new products?

American Consumer Panels posts listings on job boards like Career Bliss for $25-45 per hour.

This sounds amazing and honestly too good to be true.

So, what’s the real story?

The website looks great and professional.

They ask you some qualifying questions and then send you to start signing up with survey websites.

They make money when you sign up for these survey sites.

There is no real job and no testing unless possibly one of the survey sites decides to test something like that.

I have reviewed survey sites here and they do pay for your time but it is not even close to $25/hour.

You get on a bunch of survey email lists as you sign up and they also want you to sign up for trial offers where they get your credit card and you have to cancel so they don’t charge you a week later.

I reviewed a similar website here recently called American Online Jobs

You can click here to see that review.

They have reviews that are good and bad, but the good ones look fake because they say there are “no cons” to working there and also say how much they like the work atmosphere.

That made me laugh because why wouldn’t you just say you love working at home?

I don’t recommend this website.

They are lying about having jobs.

There are no jobs.

You are signing up with survey website companies and ruining your email with all the spam you will get after.

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You won’t make the money they promise.

They are lying in their advertising.

I find this irritating because it diminishes trust in the online community for companies that really do offer jobs and make money online opportunities that are legitimate.

If you want to do surveys online, then by all means, you can go there and get directed there.

However, they will never call you about a job.

They even subscribe to “FTC Guardian” (not the FTC) which is a private website that helps internet companies boost their credibility for a fee.

It costs a small fee and they will recommend you as legitimate.

That should tell you something.

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If you would like to learn how to make real money online you will need to learn those skills or something similar.

Thank you for reading.

Phillip Adams

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