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I was recently talking to someone about business opportunities and she asked me what I knew about Ariix.

I made an unintelligible “uhhhhhh…” sound to which she replied that they were well on their way to becoming the largest network marketing company in the world.

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I’m going to explain Ariix here, but first I think it is fair to explain network marketing and why it gets a bad rap.

Network Marketing and multi-level marketing (MLM) are the same thing.

They are often called pyramid schemes and may not be necessarily so.

Let me try to give the simplest explanation possible here:

If you decide to join a network marketing company, then you will most likely be required to pay some kind of entrance fee.

People frown on this, but you are basically buying a franchise, and if you look at big name franchise entry fees, they are typically much higher to join.

You are looking at about $200-$300 for a starter pack with Ariix and potentially more if you want access to all the products and extras.

At that point, you are promoting their products.

Ariix products are mostly in the health and wellness industry (supplements, oils, water purification, and cosmetics), however, they do also offer travel, jewelry, and medical plans as well.

I have not tried any of their products, but the information I found even with people who did not like the company, was that the products were premium quality.

You can buy Ariix products at wholesale and sell them at retail for a profit.

You also make money by getting other people to sign up through you and/or when they sell products.

Now, in order for Ariix to make money to share, people have to be buying their products.

Therefore, in order to get commissions for what you and your sign-ups sell, you have to meet minimum product sales requirements every month.

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This is a hangup for many people and I find it necessary for the company to survive.

But I want to be clear that there are minimum requirements because I believe that people join these programs without doing their homework and then are upset later when they aren’t getting the commission checks they believe they deserve.

What makes the Ariix potentially such a great opportunity is the network marketing organization.

When people are signed up through you, they can sell products and also sign up others who can then do the same.

You will get commissions from their sales as well.

If you build a large organization this way, then you will ultimately create a giant income stream that can become somewhat passive and stable.

Also, you are helping other people do the same thing and it fosters an environment where more experienced people are sharing knowledge with and helping newer people build a business for themselves.

What makes this business model difficult is finding people to join and sign up through you.

It’s not impossible, but I have tried systems like this and felt the pain of rejection from family and friends who not only said no, but in many cases tried to persuade me that it was not going to work.

Ultimately, it can work with persistence and time.

Also, today I would find a way to market the products and opportunity online instead of trying to gather people to my house either for a business opportunity or some nebulous explanation that I use just to get them there.

I believe that Ariix is a good company with good products and a good compensation plan.

It is not my #1 Recommendation, but I believe it is a good opportunity.

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Thank you for reading.

Phillip Adams

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