Cash For Patriots Review

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Have you seen this ad where patriots are getting $2.6 trillion distributed to them?

What is the premise of “Cash for Patriots”?

The money is supposed to come from overseas.

The tax law has changed under President Trump supposedly bringing all the money back into the United States.

People and Corporations were keeping it overseas in order to not have it taxed.

The idea in Cash for Patriots is that this money is going to be invested in the United States and paid out to people in higher dividends.

If you invest in these companies’ stocks then you will make more back.

So, is this opportunity a scam?

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I personally don’t like advertising that makes something look like something else.

Nobody is getting free money for being a patriot here.

However, technically the opportunity is real and could be lucrative.

The founder of Cash for Patriots is Zach Scheidt and he does have amazing knowledge and experience in investing and tax shelter.

In Cash for Patriots, he is selling access to his program that shows you where to invest the money to get higher dividends.

If you have money to invest and are looking for an investment like that, then Cash for Patriots might be a good fit.

Please understand that you are paying for investment advice and his program is fairly expensive.

It is definitely not a get-rich quick program and one should consider all risks and rewards before investing.

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Phillip Adams

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