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What if you could spend a few minutes each day writing emails and generate an income?

Email marketing is a giant industry that anyone can get into.

In fact, if you are good at writing stories or compelling articles, Email marketing could be a great side business that could be very lucrative.

A compelling email could be typed and sent in just a few minutes. is a program offered on Clickbank that promises $100-400 every day sending out emails.

The ad video is very compelling and starts out with news videos about making money from home that have nothing to do with this program.

I don’t like this tactic, but it’s been tried so much, I hope people aren’t really falling for it anymore.

The gentleman in the video is promising a system that you don’t have to pay anything for.

He claims to have a huge list of people to email and it is too large for him to send emails to daily.

When people have giant email lists, they use software to send out an email that goes to hundreds or thousands of people.

If your list gets too big, it bogs down their system and they cap you out at a certain amount.

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So, he is giving away part of his list for free and his system for free because when you email them, if they buy, he still makes money and he’s willing to give you some of it because he can’t do all the emailing.

You email people in the list an offer.

Some of them click the link and buy, and then you get a commission.

This sounds like a dream come true.

That’s because some of what he’s saying is a lie.

First of all, it’s not free even though he promises free a few times in his sales presentation.

To start you will have to pay a trial amount which may be $1.

I guess that is almost free.

However, rest assured, you will be charged a larger amount in a few days when the trial is over.

Also, there are upsells later that get you the “extra stuff” that gets you results quicker.

He does teach you some things that do work to make money online so technically, it’s not a scam.

I don’t love the program and I just feel like there are better ones out there.

However, This system isn’t the worst thing I have found reviewing products online.

In fact, I use email marketing in my online business and my #1 recommendation to make money online teaches you how to do it as part of the marketing education.

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However, I don’t like the shady sales tactics and honestly, he’s lying about it being free.

Also, I don’t like promoting bad products even if people will buy them.

Free email leads are typically very low quality and the ugly truth is that you can get email leads that are looking to buy what you might be offering and you are going to pay for them.

Quality email leads in any niche are usually more expensive per lead, but you get a much more qualified lead so that your money and time isn’t wasted.

Also, you can generate your own email list by getting leads through paid ads or by becoming a social media influencer.

That may take money or time or both, but then they are yours and they are people interested in exactly what you are offering.

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Thank you for reading.

Phillip Adams

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Phillip Adams

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