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If you have looked online lately for ways to make money then you may have seen an ad for High Ticket Closer by Dan Lok.

I will review it here and give my honest opinion of whether it is legitimate or just another online scam.

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Now back to Dan Lok:

Dan Lok’s nickname is the king of high ticket sales.

He has authored 9 books and founded several companies.

In his early career, 13 of those companies failed and I personally believe that is why Dan is so successful now.

Fear of failure is why people never actually start doing something important.

They stay in a safe place and don’t go for their dreams.

Dan failed 13 times and realized I’m sure after the first one or two that he lived through it.

Many successful people today can show a past full of failures.

While many people will criticize this fact about them, I feel that it shows grit and determination.

It is much harder to try and fail and get back up and try again, then to never leave your comfort zone.

Today Dan is all over the internet.

He has been on TedX and is seen wearing a shiny red suit.

You can find him on Youtube if you want to see some of his videos.

He has a lot of free content there and swears a lot just to give you fair warning.

His newest program High-Ticket Closer is a 7 week mentorship that teaches you how to close high-ticket sales.

Those are sales that cost potential buyers thousands of dollars.

It should be easy to see that this skill could potentially earn someone a very high income.

The program teaches high-ticket mindset, psychology, phone scripts, and handling objections.

He also shows you how to find high-ticket offers to sell and how to build a business that will earn you 6-figure income.

Dan Lok’s program costs $2,495.00.

So is it real and is it worth it?

Dan Lok’s program is real.

In fact, he is personally involved in the training of everyone that signs up for his program.

It is in fact a true mentorship program.

Is it worth it?

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I find this question to be somewhat personal, but I will pose some questions that may help you decide.

Are you currently in sales and what has your experience been?

If you are a newbie, then this is a pretty big jump to make.

However, if you are determined, then anything is possible.

Are you happy with your current job and income?

Do you have personal hangups about sales and salespeople?

If you took Dan’s program and made over $100k in the next year using that knowledge, it’s obviously worth it.

If you took his course and did nothing with it, then it’s worthless to you.

You would be better off spending that money on chicken nuggets and having a giant nugget-eating contest at your house.

I spent over $40k for a college degree in a field that only paid about $42k per year the first year.

High-Ticket Closer is NOT my #1 Recommendation to make money online.

Honestly, you are learning how to close sales in person and over the phone, so it’s not completely online.

However, I would recommend it anyone who asked me if it was a good purchase.

You can find his program here:

I hope this was helpful.

Thank you.

Phillip Adams

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Phillip Adams

I created this site to research and review internet and make money online programs and expose them as legitimate or scams.

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