Every Company needs Online Marketers

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Go look at or literally any company that provides trend information for businesses currently running and what is coming in the future.

Companies that want to survive MUST learn to advertise effectively online if they even want to survive.

If you want to argue with me about local restaurants and businesses that have built a great customer base in your hometown, then great job! You won on that small percentage of the economy.

I’m talking about everyone else and especially companies that want to expand and continue to grow.

In fact, there is a local food truck company here in Salt Lake City called Cupbop that began selling Korean rice and noodle bowls a few years ago.

They pummeled Instagram with pictures and contests everyday and told their followers where they were going to be.

Cupbop also gave out freebies to people who followed them and shared their pictures online eating their food.

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Their growth in two years seemed miraculous.

Now, they have a fleet of trucks, a few actual restaurants, and a great reputation.

They do not have the best food truck food.

They were just the best at marketing it.

Right now as you read this, there are thousands of business owners scratching their heads and wringing their hands as they try to get customers.

The old ways that used to supply them with a steady stream of revenue have disappeared.

Many of these companies have already gone out of business.

Some of them have figured out the online marketing game and are wildly successful.

Everyone else is somewhere in the middle and looking for ways to get more customers while keeping costs the same or better yet, lowering them.

They would put all their advertising money into a system if they knew it would deliver a consistent outcome.

Online marketers have to learn how to do at least one thing well.

The main categories are paid ads, SEO, and social media influencing.

If you can master only one of these, you will have more clients and customers than you could ever dream of begging you to take their money.

Paid ads work well mostly because people who are online are forced to see them.

Google and facebook have the most popular paid ad platforms.

Google is probably the most expensive and I would argue the most effective.

However, facebook gets you a lot of bang for your buck and the beauty of facebook is you are hitting people who aren’t shopping around as well as getting specialized audiences based on who you want to see your ads.

They may buy before they see your competition.

Other paid ad platforms would be Instagram, Youtube, Pinterest, Bing, Native ads (Outbrain).

Although, these are smaller, do not underestimate the buying potential of the audiences on these platforms.

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Social media influencing seems self-explanatory and I guess mostly it is.

The more people who follow you, like you and see you means more people who might learn to trust and buy from you.

Eventually, a familiarity grows from a person or product you see everyday, even if it is only online.

Consistency here is the greatest predictor of success.

People need to see you everyday.

The ones who hate that will go away and you will find out who your loyal base is over time.

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is kind of the holy grail of internet marketing.

When people search for a solution to their problem, you want your company to be the very first thing they see.

This is free traffic and has the potential of thousands of daily visitors depending on what your product or service is.

No niche is really too small.

One tenth of one percent of the world is still 7 million people.

Learning to do paid ads, influencing, and SEO are skills that great marketers have learned.

Some of them may be naturals, but most of them have taken courses and learned through the school of hard knocks.

They are paid handsomely for their knowledge and skills.

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You could have your own office somewhere or work from home and set your own schedule.

You could start to create the lifestyle you want to live an enjoy.

This is the same program that allowed me to work from home part-time and eventually quit my full-time job as well as earn an amazing income and start traveling.

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Thank you for reading.

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