Freedom — Part 2

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I recently talked about this topic and it has come up fiercely again in my life and I have learned some new insights that I thought might be helpful.

I have been doing some personal development work recently with a mentor of mine and someone who has become a dear friend.

One of my highest values in life and something that constantly comes up for me is freedom.

People will tell me I am obsessed with my business or related topics, and while it may look that way from the outside, I am truly obsessed with freedom.

My online business is merely the vehicle to get me free and everyone I can get to come with me.

Freedom can mean so many things, but for me it means more choice, and better options.

It also comes at a cost (especially in the beginning) of discipline and sacrifice.

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I had to sacrifice and get disciplined in the beginning in order to build an online business while I was still working 60-70 hours per week at my old job.

Now, I control my time and schedule in order to do what I want or what I see that needs to be done.

Freedom comes only after the “grind” period where you put in extra for a little while.

It is the same with anything.

Being free to physically do amazing things or have the body you want will only come after spending time eating well and exercising.

Feeling spiritual freedom will only come after putting in some initial time and hard work.

Financial freedom is rarely a winning lottery ticket and in reality those people are broke again quickly because they never put in the work to learn what it takes to be free.

It takes learning and living the principles that make someone financially free.

I am not yet completely financially free to purchase and travel however I want, but I know if I keep working at it, spending time, sacrificing and learning, that it will eventually be my reality.

Whatever part of your life you want to be free in, get disciplined in that area.

Put in the blood, sweat, and tears and you will grow the “muscles” in that area needed to make your dream a reality.

It will require learning, action, and some hard days that you will really have to look inside yourself and see if that’s what you really want.

It takes some grit and not everyone will make it all the way to their goal.

If you don’t give up, you will get there at some point.

I love having total freedom of my time.

I am free to write and try to help others find their freedom as well.

It comes with its own challenges and doesn’t mean everyday is a fairytale love story, but it definitely makes me feel free which is what I love.

It never would have been possible if I hadn’t taken action on learning online marketing skills and implementing them.

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Thank you for reading.

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