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Since birth, you and I were “given” a certain amount of freedom.

This began with our parents or whoever raised us.

We were given a certain amount of freedom as to what to say and how to act.

You may have been given more or less than me, but even if you grew up in an extremely strict household, you had freedom at some level.

Many of our restrictions were to keep us safe and I believe that typically, parents have our best interests in mind.

Soon, we went to school and we were given some freedom and some restrictions.

I was free to finger-paint whatever I wanted on the paper in kindergarten even though it was most likely a square house with the triangle roof and me as a ripped stick figure standing next to it.

However, I was not free to jump on people during story time which my mom reinforced at home after the teacher called her.

Somewhere along the way in my upbringing and schooling, I failed to continue thinking freely.

Rather than believing I could do whatever I wanted and figure out everything else, I started to believe that there was a certain way to live that had to be complied to in order to “make it”.

I was told by my parents to pick a lucrative career that employers will pay you well for.

I was told by my teachers and counselors to pick a college and field of study that would do the same.

That was the path to a great life.

These people were well-meaning and I don’t begrudge them for sharing what they knew.

At some point though along the way, I got tired of giving my life away to a cause that wasn’t mine.

I grew weary of working long hours to pay the bills and having very little time left to pursue hobbies and spend with loved ones.

I became frustrated with the concept that my time was worth only what someone else thought it was based on the task they were assigning me.

It’s not that I don’t understand business.

I just realized one day, that life should not be lived on those terms.

What I really wanted was freedom.

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I wanted to be able to decide for myself how I would spend my days,

How long I would work,

How much money I would make,

And when I would eat and go to the bathroom.

Most people want freedom, but they love security.

The ugly truth is that the security is an illusion.

You could be injured or die in a car accident tomorrow.

The company you work for could have layoffs, go bankrupt, fire you, or have all their money embezzled by someone.

Security is a lie we tell ourselves to feel better about our fear of freedom.

Freedom is a little scary because of the unknown.

What if I fail or lose what I have?

What will my family and friends say?

However, there is nothing greater in my mind than being and feeling free.

Sadly, most people will never experience that feeling.

They will work 40 years in a cubicle building someone else’s dream while theirs deteriorate from existence and memory.

They will just be stuck there and possibly wake up one day wondering what happened to their lives.

Think about what it means to be free.

Imagine having the freedom to earn whatever income you want to earn,

Or spending your time engaged in work that you are passionate about and aligns with your true purpose

Most of all, having the freedom to help others.

That’s why I do what I do.

I want freedom for me and I want to help as many people as I can have it also.

It doesn’t mean my life is perfect and I don’t have struggles.

I just love having freedom.

That’s why I left my job to start my own business even though most people told me I was crazy to do it.

Some of them decided to come along when they saw me living the life of my dreams.

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Thank you for reading.

Phillip Adams

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Phillip Adams

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