How to Speak in Public Without Fear (And Get Paid)

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Fear of public speaking or glossophobia is the greatest fear that people have.

I’m going to talk about how to overcome that fear like a boss and actually get paid to speak but first…

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Now back to overcoming fear of speaking…

It is second only to death and there was a time that statistically, people feared speaking even more.

Not everyone wants to be a public speaker and that’s completely understandable.

However, life comes with speaking opportunities and challenges.

If you have a boss, you have to learn how to communicate and possibly ask for that raise or promotion without looking like you don’t have confidence.

If you are the boss, you need to know how to speak to your employees so that you can get what you want and help them to see your vision.

Perhaps you will be asked to give a toast at a wedding or maybe even officiate one for someone.

Public speaking skills are universal and translate to being able to communicate in other environments.

If even talking about this gives you crippling anxiety, it’s ok.

Take a deep breath.

First of all, public speakers typically are paid well if they learn how to get work.

They tend to have a large influence and many become famous or semi-famous.

They seem to have a confidence that they exude from the stage that is admirable and people are likely to assume intelligence from a speaker that may not be well-founded or real.

So, how does one get started in this industry or at least become comfortable speaking to a small crowd of friends or associates?

I am not a paid speaker.

I have personally been asked to give work presentations at my old job to the sales team.

I have spoken a few times at my church and also taught lessons several times in classroom settings of 20+ people.

The first time I had to do it, I was a total mess.

I prepared 45 minutes of material that I burned through in about 15 minutes and the meeting ended earlier than expected.

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It was obvious that I was nervous and definitely not confident.

I didn’t speak well and I just felt like everyone there knew I was incapable of the task I had been assigned.

In all reality, it probably wasn’t as bad as I made it out to be, but it wasn’t great.

I made it somehow lived through that terrifying experience and it was never that bad ever again.

So, along the way I have gotten better and I have personally spoken with a few public speakers about their experiences and also read their books and here’s what I have found:

First of all, everyone is bad the first time.

Even if you are really good, you will feel like there were many things that went wrong and things didn’t come out the way you originally intended.

It’s ok. Remember, my first time was the absolute worst it ever was.

It’s kind of like walking or anything else you had to learn how to do.

It’s going to be ugly the first time around but you get better with practice.

If you are a natural, then good job. Also, I hate you.

One of the biggest keys I found to doing a great speech or lesson is truly understanding the material.

If I had to speak on subatomic particles today, nobody would want to be there and it would be obvious that I was not the right guy for the job.

So, if you want to speak, find something to speak about that you know and even better if you are passionate about it.

However, don’t underestimate your ability to really learn about a subject if you need to and take the time to study it and talk with other experts about the topic.

Make sure you share personal experiences that relate to the subject.

People relate to people and situations more than they do to concepts and facts.

There is always some way to tie the topic into what you have seen and done.

This brings your listeners in and can help them better understand complex subjects.

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Humor is a great way to reach your audience and also relax tension or relieve boredom.

People with a sense of humor are typically seen as more intelligent.

The only caveat with humor is to be careful with it.

Don’t tell off-color jokes or anything that might make someone feel sleighted or offended.

Think about your audience before and during your presentation.

Why are they there and how can you help them achieve what they are there to learn?

Practice your presentation in front of someone or a mirror.

This will help you see what you look like as you speak and also give you an idea on how long your presentation is.

Movement is good way to keep the attention of your audience and it also affects your energy while you speak.

You will feel more energy if you are moving around versus just standing still.

This will seem very difficult if you are nervous and you may feel some kind of self-consciousness about moving too much.

Trust me, your audience will appreciate it.

Push through the urge to stand still.

Ultimately, YOU CAN DO IT.

If you want to create a speaking career, I recommend joining the National Speakers Association.

They have resources that help speakers find speaking engagements and become better speakers.

I also provided a link here to a program that has helped people who want to go into this line of work or just become better at public speaking.

Also, you get a certification at the end that you can use as a credential for your speaking business.

I think it’s $19 for the program and it’s through Clickbank so you can get your money back if you don’t feel like the information was worth it.

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Thank you for reading.

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