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Inspiring others is a risky and mostly futile effort.

First of all, what am I inspiring them to do exactly?

Do I want them to be like me?

No, unless they want to be like me (I assure you that you don’t).

I want to inspire you to live your life’s purpose.

Believe me when I tell you I realize that’s even more enigmatic.

I have struggled forever trying to even figure out what my life’s purpose is.

Here’s the thing, it could literally be something as simple as a sketch (drawing) or being a little league coach.

If that is what you absolutely love to do, then go after it and be the best there ever was.

I’m not talking about enjoying a movie or something kinda fun and relaxing.

I’m talking about those moments in your life when your soul comes alive and you feel complete freedom.

Maybe it’s cooking and you really want to open a catering business, or restaurant, or food truck.

I would venture even further and say maybe you will change the way that people eat or buy food, or use recipes.

For me, there have been a few different things that do it for me.

One of my favorite things to do is write this blog.

I feel like it opens up my creative side and in a way, I’m helping people find freedom for themselves.

I initially didn’t want to start an internet type business.

I wanted freedom and I saw it in creating something that would be mine and I could spend as much or as little time working on it as I wanted.

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I also wanted to free up time to spend doing other activities that inspire me like riding my motorcycle and traveling.

I would love to eventually buy a yacht and explore the ocean’s waters, islands, and shores.

Those moments are when I feel completely free.

What makes you feel free?

Do you value freedom as much as I do or is it something else?

Maybe you want to create a foundation that teaches sign language to blind kids.

I’m joking obviously, but there is so much good that can be done and you are unique with your own skills, passions, experiences, and your specific brand of crazy that the world is missing.

Think of the people in your sphere of influence that need some kind of help or problem solved.

You could be the catalyst for thousands or millions of people to finding some sort of freedom or relief.

If you don’t believe me that you are capable, you are lying to yourself.

Everything awesome that was ever done was done by a person.

Maybe that person led thousands to actually accomplish the task and maybe it took years, but it still happened because one person started taking action.

The real truth is that you have felt that stirring inside you from time to time that there is more than what you are living.

That your life is so much bigger than what it’s been and what it is.

The good news is that you can change that at any time.

The best time is right now or take your first step today.

For me, this is a freedom movement.

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I want to help thousands and possibly millions find financial freedom which opens up other freedoms in their lives and in the lives of many of those people around them.

I envision so much more than this blog to accomplish that, but this is where I’m starting.

One of the realest reasons that people don’t accomplish their goals is that the goal is too small and doesn’t get them excited.

If you really want to feel driven, figure out how you are going to change the world and start moving toward that goal.

The bigger the goal, the more excited you will get about it.

Don’t worry if it seems impossible or scary, or maybe like you are getting to big for your britches.

Vanity in this world has led to many wonderful and beautiful things being accomplished.

I believe there is enormous greatness inside you and that only you with your completely distinct self can bring it out.

Start today and move toward it.

Write it down and get crystal clear on it.

What does it look, feel, smell, taste, and sound like?

Make it a reality in your mind so that it will seem totally familiar when it enters everyone’s reality.

Thank you for reading.

Phillip Adams

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Phillip Adams

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