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Do you remember the recession of 2008?

Are you still recovering?

Are you worried about another crash?

What is the likelihood and what could cause the economy to plummet again?

Most of the world uses the US dollar (USD) as a trading currency.

This is because for many years, the USD has been the most stable long term.

It has been a standard that the entire world could trust would keep its value.

Well, what if it wasn’t used anymore?

The world is changing rapidly.

Money exchange has become almost entirely digital with almost no need for paper dollars.

The US has mountainous debt and economically has become much more volatile in recent years.

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Also, many countries would be happy to watch the US flounder as another currency moves in and takes that position.

Jim Rickards (I will talk more about him in a second) claims that the International Monetary Fund is working to create a new world currency that will replace the USD.

If this happens, the possibility is that the value of the USD will drop drastically and plunge the US into another recession and many will lose fortunes.

I don’t like scare tactics that cause people to take unnecessary action so let’s look at the merits of this and what Rickards’ motivation is here.

His recommendations are to invest in gold, invest in the new International Monetary fund, and to be careful where you put your investment money.

Also, he is selling a newsletter subscription.

Does that make it a scam?

Let’s look at his background:

Rickards is a respected and very highly paid international attorney.

He has advised many governments including the CIA.

There are people in high places who listen to him.

He seems very legitimate and is respected in his field.

At one time, he was the highest paid Wall Street attorney.

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He also seems very passionate about the world economy so it is easy to see that it interests him.

If you look up Jim Rickards’ Strategic Intelligence, you can get his video series and some of this information for free.

Also, his newsletter has a free trial period if you are concerned and want to check it out without paying up front.

In the end, if he is right, it is possible that preparation now could save you from a huge personal financial crisis.

I recommend everyone do some research and homework to decide what is the best course of action to take.

If you have large capital assets, I would definitely recommend subscribing to Jim Rickards Strategic Intelligence newsletter and see what you can do to hedge yourself against future uncertainty.

I, personally, see value in this knowledge.

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Thank you.

Phillip Adams

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Phillip Adams

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