Kajabi Reviewed

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I’m pretty sure by now that even my kids have an online course they are trying to sell.

There is no end to the information online and much of it comes with a price.

Kajabi claims to be an all-in-one course creation platform that delivers everything someone needs to start an online business.

I’m going to review it here, but first if you are tired of online scams and high-priced garbage, then see my #1 recommendation to make money online.

It is the same program I found and have helped other people find that allowed me to create an amazing income and lifestyle working part-time from my laptop, pretty much anywhere I want.

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Now, back to Kajabi:

The reason that Kajabi exists is that for years, there has been a technical “gap” between people with valuable knowledge they would like to sell and the ability to get that online in a format that potential customers can find and buy.

Kajabi created a platform that sets up hosting, email integration, landing pages, the ability to connect it to a webinar (this part is kind of separate), checkout pages, and course creation all in one place.

One of the hardest problems with setting up an internet business has always been getting all the pieces and putting them together.

It can get fairly technical requiring companies, in most cases, to hire costly website creators and developers.

Websites like Kajabi do all the code and hard work for you so that you can just fill in the blanks and use the templates that you like.

Kajabi shines when it comes to course creation.

The site has instructional videos and templates that make it easy for you to put everything together.

Building an online course is both time-consuming and tedious even with great tools.

Kajabi does well at streamlining the process so that you can focus on the part that you know and love.

As far as everything else, it does a decent job.

What I mean by that is that nothing else is going to give you all the options you would have doing things yourself.

There are a limited number of options for landing pages and blog themes.

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That may or may not matter to you.

There are advanced web processes that you will not be able to deliver here.

If you are looking to create a dynamic website with several moving parts, then I would say look elsewhere.

The price for Kajabi starts at $119/month if you pay up front for the year.

I find this to be a little pricey but not so much that I would steer someone away from it if it was a good fit otherwise.

They also offer an affiliate package so that you can promote Kajabi, but it costs more.

If you are a beginner that wants to create a somewhat simple course without too many bells and whistles, then Kajabi is a great product.

One other thing I find worth mentioning is that having a great website with a beautiful looking product is not going to make you any money if you don’t get people to it.

While Kajabi’s blog offers tips on getting traffic, the only marketing courses deal with email marketing and building great landing pages.

If you don’t already have a large email list, then you may not know how to get people to your landing page.

You will need to take a separate course somewhere to learn how to market the course effectively.

I find that in many cases, people look at traffic as an afterthought to their own demise.

It is actually one of the most important factors to online success.

I think Kajabi is a great product for someone that already has a course in mind to create and knows how to get traffic to it, and just needs the other parts.

If that does not describe you, but you still want to make money online, then see my #1 recommendation.

Thank you for reading.

Phillip Adams

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