Make Money Online in the Weightloss Industry

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Have you considered how to make money online in the health and fitness industry but don’t know where to start and what is real?

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This post is very tricky, but I’m going to do my best to be as transparent as possible here.

I took a screenshot of my computer while looking at google keyword planner after typing in weight loss.

It basically shows the keywords “weight loss” and other related words and how many people search for these topics each month.

In one way or another, people looking for weight loss solutions are in the millions every single month.

Weight loss, health, fitness, and wellness is a massive industry and can include so many different niches, products, and services.

Just think for a moment about the amount of money you have spent on healthier foods, supplements, exercise programs, gym memberships, gadgets, exercise equipment, recipe books, and anything else like these.

The list is almost infinite.

That being said, business follows the money and so it is also one of the most competitive industries in the world.

Go look on youtube and see how many videos there are for weight loss.

The number is staggering and someone starting from scratch is going to spend some time there building a following before even getting ranked at a decent spot.

So, how does a person even get started in this industry?

I’m going to give you some ideas here.

Maybe you have spent some time and money studying health and nutrition.

Despite my terrible eating habits, I have researched this topic as a hobby and passion for about ten years and I really love the subject.

When, I act healthy, I look and feel better.

I have more energy and confidence.

Plus, my clothes just fit better.

So, what diet and workout is the best to promote?

I don’t know.

I know what works for me and I talk to other people who do something different and that is what works for them.

If you do some research and find something you like or multiple programs that work, do them and promote them.

If you like the person-to-person interaction and you want to promote something like that, then start doing something locally.

Put up signs with a phone number or website to go to.

Post flyers.

Advertise on Craigslist and local advertising sites.

Make sure everyone on your social media knows what you are doing and make more friends there so you can have more influence and reach.

I cannot stress how pictures of healthy and fit people and food are taking over instagram.

Show social proof of your own progress and especially that of your students.

People need to believe that what you are doing will work for them too.

They may believe you are an anomaly.

Make sure, they have something to see if they go to a website. (Fitness blogs are still very popular

Also, have somewhere to work out.

Most gyms have their own trainers and might not be friendly to a trainer showing up with students on their turf.

It could be outside doing bodyweight workouts if you don’t have much capital to start.

Next, have your own brand or program.

This is where it is going to help if you have some real knowledge of body movement and nutrition.

Make sure you are giving your customers truly valuable information.

If you have other programs, you like to promote from “the experts,” make sure you are set up as an affliliate for them so you are getting a referral fee or commission when that person buys their product or program.

If you have a hard time feeling okay about this, just remember that you are only able to service your customers if you are around long enough to help them reach their goals.

You are going to have to get paid to grow a business or it won’t grow and you can help few to no one.

I get emails about 4-6 times per week from someone who literally just sends me new health and weight loss programs and I buy the ones that look like what I need or want to learn.

I think it’s a great service.

The biggest challenge you will have is finding a way to set yourself apart from everyone else.

In that industry, I see big names who sell massive quantity because of popularity.

I also see a lot of hype and bullshit.

Ultimately, I have found a few people who I feel are trying to do a good job and I buy and listen to them.

They found a way to resonate with me and connect.

The ones I like are transparent, funny, competent, and knowledgeable.

Think about what you offer that is unique to you and nobody else can do as well.

If you have been considering doing something in that business, get started.

There are people who need help and they are looking for you.

If you don’t believe me, go back to the screenshot above.

If you have the knowledge, but need to learn how to market yourself or your program online, see my #1 recommendation.

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If you don’t have a product or program to sell, don’t worry, they will show you how to find one.

Thank you for reading.

Phillip Adams

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Phillip Adams

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