My Millionaire Mentor Review

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I hope I have caught you in time on this one.

Do not buy My Millionaire Mentor.

I always promote companies on here with great programs helping people make money online.

If the program is expensive or not, does not sway me on whether it’s a great company.

What I find troubling are companies that lie in their advertising and sales processes even if it is a good product at the end.

In this case, it is neither.

My Millionaire Mentor says that it was founded by Ryan Matthews.

He is not a real person and his whole story is fake.

Also, the testimonials on this site are fake as well.

The “opportunity” promoted here leads to MOBE (My Online Business Education) which was recently halted by the Federal Trade Commission for deceptive and misleading conduct.

Sites like this are bad for the entire community as they make consumers fearful of buying educational products that can actually help them.

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It’s definitely a scam and I do not recommend it.

This program works by usually sending you an email.

It promises you $500 for watching a video which should tip you off.

You will be spending a lot more than $500 by the end to get the money.

After taking you through the sales presentation, they offer a program where you buy their products in order to promote their products.

This is where it gets troubling for MOBE because it becomes a pyramid scheme.

You cannot charge people that much money in order to teach them how to only promote your product and call it a coaching program.

Other legitimate coaching programs are teaching people how to promote their own products or whatever they want to promote.

They are charging for the general mechanics and skills needed to set up an internet business in any market or niche.

That is true digital marketing training and empowers customers rather than trapping them.

At that point, the marketer can promote anything and be successful if it is a good program.

My #1 recommendation to make money online teaches people to create their own internet business in any niche or product without previous tech skills.

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I hope this post was helpful.

Phillip Adams

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Phillip Adams

I created this site to research and review internet and make money online programs and expose them as legitimate or scams.

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