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If you have spent any time looking for a way to work from home you may have come across

This website looks totally legitimate and promises to connect you with jobs that pay $14-56 per hour without any skills.

That sounds amazing!

What company is paying $56 per hour for an unskilled worker job?

Workers definitely exist that get paid that much or more, but they have skills that are valuable in the marketplace.

That could be a salesperson or sales manager, engineering manager or some job that someone had to work at and work his or her way up to that salary most likely already sporting a college degree.

Now, please don’t email me about some job you have or know about that pays that much and you don’t need any skills.

I’m sure there’s a couple weird exceptions that aren’t available to most people.

So, what is offering?

The site asks you some questions to see what kind of work you do or are interested in doing.

I’m not sure if that is real or just a process to make you feel involved in what’s going on.

There are testimonials at the end and a news clip that has nothing to do with that website.

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So, in the end what are they trying to get you to do?

You get connected to a few affiliate links that have programs you can buy to make money online or sign up to do surveys (I have already reviewed online surveys in another post).

Some of the links are good programs and some are not.

Ultimately, there aren’t any real jobs being offered here.

Now, is this a scam?

Depends on what your definition of a scam is I guess.

I don’t really like the way they go about selling you a program because I think it’s dishonest.

However, I do love good solid programs that teach people how to make money online, fire their boss, and give them freedom.

You could potentially make $56 per hour or much, much more with your own internet business, but you are going to have to learn skills that are that valuable in the marketplace.

You could also potentially earn $0 if you get a bad program, or don’t take action to learn and do anything.

I have had days where I earned thousands online and I have more of those days the better I get.

I have also had days when I didn’t have skills and provided little value where I earned much less or zero.

If you would like to learn these skills, click the link below for my #1 recommendation.

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Thank you.

Phillip Adams

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Phillip Adams

I created this site to research and review internet and make money online programs and expose them as legitimate or scams.

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