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Can you picture spending your days waking up at noon, having some coffee and then moseying into your living room to work for a couple hours on your computer while still in your pajamas?

There is online data input and transcription work that companies need done.

Im going to expose these companies here and show you what you are getting into.

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Now back to data input jobs:

So, what are these jobs?

Are they available?

What do I have to do and/or know?

How much do they pay?

The jobs could be varied in tasks that need to be done.

They could include the following tasks:

Transcribing audio to text

Sending Emails and/or online chatting with employers or customers (not potential mates unfortunately)

Being a virtual assistant (think about a personal assistant but remotely on a computer)

Sorting and organizing computer files and documents

Possibly Powerpoint and/or spreadsheets

Most likely, lots and lots of typing (speed and accuracy are important here)

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Another aspect to consider here is whether to be freelance or look for an employer that will actually hire you.

That could depend on whether you want to be paid a certain rate or if you would rather be paid by the amount of work you get done.

One of the reasons people work from home is to have more freedom.

An employer may require you to be working during certain hours.

Also, when you are new to data entry and learning a new process, it is likely you will be slow at first until you get more adept at completing the tasks.

After your initial few “training” days, it might possibly be more lucrative to get paid for production rather than by the hour.

The industry average for pay is about $15/hour.

It’s not get rich quick deal ok?

In fact, it’s not a get rich ever when you trade time for money, but it might help out a little to get through the month if that’s what you need.

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Ok, here are the links:

These first three are companies that hire for remote data entry positions.

That means you work as an employee for a company.

These are clickable links that take you to the website:

DionData Solutions

Birchcreek Communications

Capital Typing

The next 4 links are freelance opportunities and they are all a little different so let me offer a brief explanation:


Flexjobs is a service that you pay for that finds you remote jobs.

To be clear, this site costs money every month to stay a member.


Microworkers gives you small tasks to do.

Each task takes a few minutes and pays about a dollar or less.


Scribie is a transcription service.

You listen to audio or video and convert it to text.


This one is interesting and different from the others.

You get paid to look at a petition list and compare it to the registered voters list for that area.

Because of the nature of the work, there are a few requirements needed to get registered with them.

Also, you will need 2 computer monitors to do the job.

I hope this was helpful and I would like to point out that the reason these jobs don’t pay 6 figures per year is because the tasks don’t require skills that deserve that type of income.

In order to make that kind of money, you need to learn certain skills that people pay more for or find a way to duplicate your efforts so that more work is being done through automation.

That’s all I did and it continues to pay me more and give me more freedom.

It can do the same for anyone willing to learn.

I hope this was helpful.

Phillip Adams

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Phillip Adams

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