Online Marketing Skills are Crucial to Survival Now

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Do you want to know the secret to living abundantly in the Information Age?

First, let me tell you why what you are doing is not working as well and why it’s going to get worse.

In my dad’s life and even more in my grandfather’s time, the normal middle-class American family would survive from a breadwinner (usually the father) working 40-50 hours per week while his spouse stayed home and took care of the home and children.

Please understand, that typically this is how it was and I am just reciting history here.

I don’t want to discuss the merits of which gender is better and why this was somehow a chauvinistic or patriarchal controlled society style.

If you send me hate mail about it, I will just delete it without reading it, so don’t waste your time.

Fast forward to today, the cost of living has increased without the increase in wages to match or even come close.

Also, jobs have disappeared.

Companies have moved out of the country where they can get materials and labor for a fraction of what they pay in the United States.

Immoral or not, this is just “what is.”

In essence, it is harder than ever for a family of four to make enough money to own a home, raise kids, and retire at a young enough age to enjoy it.

Most parents and adults are working 50-60+ hours now and have nothing to show for it.

With robotics, the internet, and artificial intelligence, the problem shows no signs of getting better or even slowing down at getting worse.

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I was in HVAC sales for years and watched the leads go from plentiful and “juicy” to fewer and less profitable.

Customers were just comparing quotes online and the companies were sending out installers after basically having the homeowners survey the house.

These companies were beating us on price because they weren’t paying an expensive salesperson to go out to the house.

I watched it get worse and steadily worse every single year as my income became much harder to earn and justify.

So, what can you do?

Well, the honest truth is that there is more money than ever moving around in the economy and being exchanged to people moving themselves into its flow.

You have to move into a job or career in the new age that works.

Millenials have proven that they prefer to buy products and services over the internet, typically on a mobile device.

Everything in the world is moving to an automated process.

That includes doctors, accountants, attorneys, salespeople, and just about every physical blue and white collar job you can think of.

Even the machines will be fixed by other machines before too much longer.

If you don’t believe that people are literally ordering EVERYTHING online, go look at the sales numbers for McDonald’s deliveries on Uber Eats.

Consumers are paying $3-5 per meal so they don’t have to walk out to their car and go through a drive thru.

Ok, do you still want more doom and gloom?

Me either, here’s one more trend and then I will get to the good part.

Public schools are teaching most of the same things they were when my grandfather was a child.

They are learning to become employees at jobs and business models that are disappearing.

What’s worse, they aren’t learning skills that will help them today more than ever.

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School doesn’t teach kids how to negotiate a sale from a buyers or sellers standpoint.

The internet changes so rapidly that even if they were teaching for digital style jobs, the curriculum cannot keep up with trends.

They don’t learn skills of influence or persuasion unless, they personally develop a knack for it.

I’m not trying to pick on schools or teachers.

I love teachers and they are mostly well-meaning people part of a vast system that hasn’t adapted to the changing economy.

So, what do you do?

You have to learn a skill that is desperately needed today and will be needed in the future.

Even companies that have great products and sell them on the internet have had to learn how to market them.

What’s more, is that anyone can be successful on the internet if they know how to get their product in front of potential buyers.

Learning digital marketing is key.

You can sell your product or service online if you know how to market it effectively.

You can sell my product online and get a commission if you know how to market it effectively.

This works for anyone and anything, but it always comes back to effective marketing.

Great digital marketers will survive and thrive today and for years because they are connecting buyers to sellers.

It’s just being done digitally now instead of with meetings and sales presentations and handshakes.

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The market will not become saturated because you can literally use the skills to sell anything to anyone in the world.

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Thank you for reading.

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