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Here, I review and tell you if it is scam or legitimate website.

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Now for my review:

Do you love video games?

I grew up playing arcade classics at the local 7-eleven and at home on my Commodore 64 until the Nintendo Entertainment System came out.

I remember thinking what it would be like to play those games and get paid to do it.

It seemed like video game testers had the life dreams were made of.

Now, video games are a $138 billion industry and it grows more and more every year.

You can say they are for kids, but that kind of money turns heads of all ages.

So, is game testing even legitimate for the average Joe and does it even pay anything?

Well, it depends on how you look at it and how you do it.

Gaming jobs online is a program promising to pay you to play and test video games.

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I’m going to review them here and explain how they work and also, other ways to make money playing video games.

This company claims to be tied in with most of the large video game corporations and that they want to pay you for your opinion of their games.

Are you ready for me to shatter your dreams again?

Here’s the truth:

First of all, even though the company claims to be the #1 website since 2008, I’m pretty sure that was the last year they updated their website.

Most of the links are expired or don’t work.

Also, it starts talking about making money doing surveys and being part of focus groups.

Most of these links don’t work either.

There is a trial fee of $1 and the site collects $27 from you after a few days if you don’t cancel.

It looks like mostly they are pushing you toward survey sites that don’t pay much even though the big sales print says you can make almost $50k per year testing video games.

It does have a section that teaches how to make a video game website.

This could be lucrative if you set it up correctly, but the $27 monthly recurring fee is not worth this.

If you really want that info, get the trial, watch the videos, and cancel quickly.

Also, to make matters worse, let me enlighten you to the world of a real video game tester.

Most of them don’t make much money. (I realize “much” is relative)

They don’t get to test the games they like usually.

You could be testing a small kids game for two weeks looking for bugs and suicidally bored out of your mind begging for it to be over.

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It’s very tedious.

This could be the one job that ruins video games for many gamers as the enjoyment factor is stripped away for deadlines and mind-numbing monotony.

So, now I’m going to give you some good news.

Did you know that in 2014, the YouTuber with the most subscribers was someone who just played video games and filmed it?

16 of the top 100 on youtube for subscribers are gamers sharing their experiences.

They are making money every time someone watches their videos (which is a lot).

There is money in playing video games if you know how to attract an audience.

Find a way to appeal to people online and you could literally play video games and get paid handsomely for your time.

There are websites online that offer walkthroughs and cheats to help gamers that are stuck with no strategy guides or just want info on new games before they spend their money on something.

All of these are viable money-making websites that could be your dream job if you like doing that and you can find a way to provide value to the marketplace.

That is the only sure-fire way to make money online.

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Thank you for reading.

Phillip Adams

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Phillip Adams

I created this site to research and review internet and make money online programs and expose them as legitimate or scams.

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