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I’ve been reading “The War of Art” by Steven Pressfield. (I highly recommend this book)

This book describes so perfectly what I’ve been calling fear as resistance.

The difference in wording may seem small or irrelevant.

However, I realized why it is a much better way of looking at why we do certain things and why we don’t do them.

Many of us in the face of fear will push through and do what is necessary, but resistance is much smarter and more subtle.

I have heard resistance described as the voice of the devil in your ear.

Resistance is that force that just keeps you from doing what you know you need to do.

It can come as procrastination, fear, distraction, addiction, depression, or any number of forms.

It’s job is to keep you from venturing out into the scary world of purpose and fulfillment.

This force has shown up in so many ways in my life I am amazed that it took me this long to really put a name and face to it.

When I was in sales, it was resistance that kept me from really calling people out on their lies and fake objections.

It was resistance that made me believe I could never write something that people would want to read or be valuable to anyone.

It showed up in so many sneaky ways.

Resistance is that bottle of alcohol or late night text from a hopeful lover that is merely a physical attraction.

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It is that dirty kitchen that must absolutely be dealt with before you can get to the real task that needs to be done.

It can be illness, anxiety, depression, phone calls, your facebook feed, a party, that well-meaning friend or relative, or even just hunger (I am always most hungry right before I get to my ideal body weight and shape).

Resistance will be strongest right before you get to your goal.

I would even say to expect it and push through when it is the very worst because you are now on the verge of accomplishing your goal.

Whatever sits in your heart as where you love to be and what you love to do is where you will truly be fulfilled.

The events and circumstances that keep you from that place and experience are only resistance.

They may even be lies that you tell yourself to keep you from there.

Push through it.

Put off the instant gratification of anything else that gets in your way on your journey to that end.

It is your true calling and happy place and the only thing in the way is resistance.

I hope you can feel how empowering it is to call it by its true name.

Thank you for reading.

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