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I remember talking to a guy when World of Warcraft was the popular online video game.

He was telling me how he had created a little side business that would basically level up characters for him to sell to other gamers.

He had 5 or 6 computers set up in his house and they would just run all day advancing new characters to more formidable ones.

After a week or two, he could sell these characters for $100-$200.

It was a pretty good little side business and the part I loved the most was that it just ran while he was doing other things.

He just had to find buyers for his developed characters, but apparently, demand was pretty high.

Eventually, something changed with the game and he couldn’t do it anymore.

Secret Millionaire Bot is promising some “secret” proprietary software that once installed, will start making you money online up to over $2000 per day.

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Here’s the truth about this offer.

First of all, the logos on the offer of trusted brands are fake and have nothing to do with the product they are selling.

The testimonials are confirmed to be professional testimonial makers at

So, they are lying about their social proof.

Also, their $37 product is information on affiliate marketing and not a special software.

It’s a rough course and you can easily find all the information online if you search affiliate marketing.

Now, I know this next part is what nobody wants to hear.

There isn’t software that’s just going to be installed on your computer and start making you money.

They are lying about the proof and about the program.

It’s a scam.

Here’s the unsexy truth about making money online.

First, it’s not impossible and it is even easier to get started without experience than most people think.

Second, it takes work, time, and learning some skills that maybe you do or don’t have.

If you have them, I assume you’re already using them to make money online.

The only redeeming thing about the Secret Millionaire Bot is that it’s on Clickbank, so if you absolutely have to see the program, you can get your money back.

Make sure you read the fine print.

I’m not putting a link for it here, because I think it’s garbage.C

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There are ways to use facebook bots to help you online if you advertise there.

They can get more engagement from people who show interest in your products or services and are semi-automated.

You still have to show up at some point to answer questions and get people to take action on your offer.

The research points to younger consumers liking the personal touch of the bot more than getting an email.

They like that even though they don’t have to talk to a person, one is available if they need.

This is a generalization obviously.

If you want a real program that will teach you how to make money online, then see my #1 recommendation.

It will teach you how to find the buyers, offers, set up the internet software and webpages you need, and automate everything so that it actually does work while you do other things.

It’s amazing information and has taught me to go from being a blue-collar worker to making thousands of dollars online. (thousands in a single day multiple times)

It is the same program I use today.

Thank you for reading.

Phillip Adams

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