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I’m sure you have realized there is a course for literally everything online.

I have seen everything from learning how to do online tarot readings to swimming lessons (that second one concerns me).

The absolute beauty of that concept is that knowledge on any subject can be sold for money and profited from while at the same time helping people who are looking for that specific information.


No matter who you are or what you do, you now have a ginormous (I’m like 76% certain that’s a real word) audience that doesn’t know what you know and may be interested in paying you for that knowledge.

If you don’t believe that knowledge has a market, I will give you the number to Harvard and Yale and you can ask them what they charge for one class.

So. just imagine with me for a second, that you work in appliance repair (I’m using this one because I used to do it and it was very lucrative even though most people overlook it).

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There aren’t really any great classes or schools in appliance repair.

Trust me when I tell you this, because the people who are good at fixing appliances will tell you the same thing.

So, let’s say you make an online course that shows people how to repair appliances and build a business doing it.

You line everything out from finding customers and marketing to them, to completing the repair quickly and correctly.

You teach them in the course everything to say and do in the house and even how to dress because you are an expert.

You could sell this course online and eventually add other courses or go speak to businesses and events.

It’s totally up to you how far you want to take it.

Now, if you’re saying that you don’t know how to fix appliances, you are missing the point.

There are niches everywhere that seem small but on the internet, are massive audiences.

One tenth of 1% of the global population is still over 7 million people.

If you can’t see how to market your job knowledge (you just aren’t thinking about it hard enough) then what about your passions?

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What are you good at?

Anything can be taught:

Fitness, Emergency Preparedness, Canoe Building, Pottery, Fashion, Chess, Music, Gossip.

Even drinking has a niche that can be sold if you think that’s all you are good at.

If you are involved in something that is a humanitarian effort, you would be amazed at the support (and money) you will find.

I personally know a family that started selling itineraries online for $5-$10 for National Park visits.

The wife is a former Park Ranger and knows how best to spend time in some of the National Parks especially if you only have one or two days.

She made enough money to quit her job and travel around the country in a motorhome with her family, seeing the other parks and putting together itineraries for people who have never been.

It’s a simple idea that works and she just used what she knew and loved.

There has never been a better time in the world to be profitable from just being yourself and sharing that with the world.

If you want access to some courses to wet your palate or just get information, click the link below.

Some of the courses are free and others are paid:

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Now, since many of the courses are free, don’t be upset if the knowledge shared isn’t spectacular.

This was only to get you warmed up to what your online course might be about.

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Thank you for reading.

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