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Super Affiliate Network is not to be confused with John Crestani’s Super Affiliate System.

I actually reviewed Super Affiliate System on this blog.

See my review here:

John Crestani — Super Affiliate System Review

I don’t know how all these offers can be super but I guess that word must get people interested at some level.

Super Affiliate Network is the creation of Misha Wilson who has been a very successful internet marketer.

I’m going to review his story and program below, but first:

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It is the same program that I and many others have used to make an income online working from my laptop at home or anywhere I want.

I was literally a blue-collar repairman with no technical skills before starting this and within a few months I was able to replace my income and quit my full time job.

Ok, let’s get back to Super Affiliate Network (SAN) and Misha Wilson.

First, I want to talk about Misha and that should carry nicely into the system he created.

Misha Wilson has been an entrepreneur his entire life.

He lives in Maui, Hawaii and started selling smoothies, avocados, and even Girl Scout cookies as a kid in order to make money.

He moved into the internet marketing world at a young age and after a couple years of figuring things out, he started making six figures online.

At age 24 he was considered one of the youngest top internet earners.

Soon after, he created Super Affiliate Network.

I found this offer from an email that was promoting home cashflow secret and then it lead me to this system.

The offer was a woman talking about how she was struggling to make ends meet and soon after getting involved with SAN, began making money online and was able to quit her job.

I love the story, but how is the program?

I will say up front that it is a real program and not a scam.

It has a $1 trial offer and then you can sign up for a monthly or yearly access to the training.

After that it’s $37 or $47 per month or the yearly payment of $297-$397 (the prices vary based on promotions being run at the time).

This gets you training on mindset, solo ads, email marketing, psychology, sales, and automation.

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There is a pro membership for $2,497 and a 4 day Maui intensive mentoring for $12,497.

There is some great stuff here and could potentially help someone that followed the training to earn an amazing income online.

Also, there is a 30-day money back guarantee.

However, when I looked into complaints at the Better Business Bureau, I saw that SAN was slow in paying it back.

I think the training is pretty good, but here’s why I won’t recommend this system:

First, it has the same problem that has gotten other companies like MOBE into trouble.

They work hard to get you just to promote their own company.

Also, you have to buy the higher level training to get commissions if someone buys the higher level through your links (pay to play style system)

A good online training program will teach you how to market anything online so that you can literally go into any niche you want and make money.

Another huge problem I see here is SAN only teaches solo ads training with email marketing.

You never learn to build a website and your own brand.

I feel that for the money spent, you aren’t getting enough because there are other programs that deliver more for the same or less.

Finally, they won’t let you move through the training without numerous coaching calls at each section which are designed to upsell you over the phone every time.

Customers have described the experience as very uncomfortable.

It’s not the worst thing out there, but I don’t recommend Super Affiliate Network.

Thank you for reading.

Phillip Adams

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