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I think Tai Lopez may be one of the best salesmen on the internet in the make money online niche.

He does the typical flashing of money, mansion, and lambo that has honestly gone beyond cliche in this industry.

I also saw a video of him buying a homeless guy some shoes and he had the whole thing recorded to put on social media.

You can think this is giving or showy.

It doesn’t really matter.


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Much of his 67 steps program is decent advice that anyone can find online or by reading a few books.

However, his price of $67 for what he’s offering as far as knowledge all in one place is worth it.

However, it’s a recurring charge every month, so make sure you know what you are getting into before clicking buy.

Now, Tai Lopez’s Ecomm Agency program is something different.

He teaches you how to find businesses that are online and have bad websites or little to no social media presence.

You set up a shopify store for these businesses and then advertise for them on social media.

Then, the companies start getting more customers because of what you set up for them and are happy to pay you $1,000+ each month because of how much new revenue you are getting for them.

I believe the price for this program is about $697 which in my opinion is well worth it.

Setting this up is going to take some learning time and some work.

You are going to have to sell businesses on your offer.

Tai promises to teach you all this as well as the shopify store set up and the social media work.

I don’t have a link here for his program but you can search for him and find his program easily enough.

Do not expect to get rich quick.

It takes time and work like everything else, but I believe if the skills learned through his program are mastered, and you put in the work to get a big client base, you could really make the income he claims.

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