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I recently got an email from John Crestani promoting a new offer that teaches how to make $200 daily online.

How would that affect your bottom line?

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Ok, back to The Commission League:

So the email I got said there was a 20 minute workday system that would generate $200 per day online and possibly in the first day.

Obviously, my interest was piqued and I wanted to know what was the real story.

I personally believe that John Crestani is one of the good guys in this industry and the claims seemed a little extraordinary.

The email link sent me to a webinar and I watched a replay of one that had already been shown.

The guy talking was Mike Balmaceda.

If you have spent some time in the online marketing space, then you may have heard of him.

He has had his hands in a few different programs like, “Six Figure Success Academy” and “Amplify”

He claims to be an online marketing expert and has had success doing so.

I personally believe that Mike is actually successful online and does know how to market effectively.

With all that being said, is “The Commission League” a good program?

I sat through the webinar which was lengthy until I figured out what his program is about.

You’re welcome.

Mike’s 3 step process is to

#1 find a problem that people have;

#2 find and expert’s solution to the problem

#3 Connect the person to the solution through an influencer

A compelling point that Mike makes is that online education is enormous.

People are searching online for solutions to their problems, especially in health, wealth, and relationships.

If you can help people find the solutions to their problems, then you can get paid to do so.

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This is affiliate marketing and Mike wants to make it as easy as possible for beginners so this program is about running solo ads.

The way this works is you find an offer online that solves a problem.

Let’s say you intend to help people that want to lose weight find a weight loss system that you like or that you believe really works.

The person offering this program already has a sales page or webinar set up online explaining how it works and persuades people looking for this solution to buy the one he/she is offering.

That person gives you a link that is tied to you so when someone clicks on it and buys, you get a commission.

They do this because they didn’t have to spend money finding the customer.

So next, you pay for someone that has a large email list in the weight loss niche to send your offer to his/her list.

Let’s say you pay that person $100 and he/she sends your offer to enough people to get 75 of them to click on your link.

As long as your commissions are more than $100, you made some money.

I hope this explanation is clear and if you already know about solo ads, I’m sorry for the review.

This concept works and I personally know several people that have been able to make an incredible income online using these same processes.

However, it takes time to be able to find great offers, money to get clicks and leads, and time to find people with good lists.

Actually making consistent money every day above what you are spending takes time.

I think this is a good program for beginners, but the price is a little steep for what you are getting.

It’s just under $1k at $997

Also, you do get a 30-day money back guarantee which I always like.

If you want access to The Commission League:

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Thank you for reading.

Phillip Adams

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Phillip Adams

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