The “New Rich”

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If you have read “The 4-hour workweek” by Tim Ferriss, then you may have heard of this term.

I’m not sure if he came up with it, or heard it somewhere else, but it describes a lifestyle that doesn’t require a huge nest egg or even a massive income in order to travel and explore the world.

Everyone says they are going to travel when they make some money or even when they retire, but he throws the whole notion of waiting for something on its head.

Now, I love Tim’s writing, and I remember being dreamy-eyed as I read about how you could move to another country for months and live fairly inexpensively.

I remember looking at my family later that day and wondering why they couldn’t let me go travel overseas.

In all seriousness though, it opened my eyes to so many new possibilities.

Many of the “New Rich” aren’t really that rich.

They learned either how to work remotely from their computers, or how to set up a business that takes care of itself mostly and they work part-time on their laptops.

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Also, they moved to countries on the beach or with incredibly simple lifestyles that don’t require as much money to live.

It’s not just a vacation to Hawaii anymore that takes you the entire week to unwind before going back to “real life” again.

It’s living overseas in Germany, Thailand, or Argentina for a few months and then going on to the next place.

Can you imagine the education you and your family would receive living like this?

You would all see firsthand how the rest of the world works, how people survive, and maybe most importantly, what you really don’t need in your life that you now see as a necessity.

I personally have spent a couple years in Paraguay and part of Brazil and I can attest that it is an education like no other and changed my perceptions and beliefs like nothing else can.

Imagine setting up a business that you can operate from a laptop working part-time hours and after a few months, getting paid enough to leave your full time job.

You rent your house out and put your stuff in storage or sell it.

It’s February and you decide to go to the Southern Hemisphere for warmth and summer.

You end up in Argentina near the coast and learn to surf, speak Castillian Spanish, cook and eat new foods, scale down to a much more simplistic life that has more time with people you love, laughs with new friends, sunsets and stargazing.

Maybe you take up woodworking, or buy a small fishing boat and spend your days fishing and exploring the coast and local islands.

In the morning you spend 2-4 hours on your laptop or less and then go enjoy the same things or new ones.

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In about May or June, when the weather starts to turn cold, you can move to Germany, Iceland, or Somewhere else new and create all new adventures and experiences again.

There are hundreds of people living like this and it could be for anyone.

I, myself have been bitten by the travel bug and have visited 4 new places in the last two months.

In 2 days I fly to Hawaii for my first time.

I am having the most amazing experiences and watching my wife and kids grow and create memories.

I couldn’t believe it was possible, but it was, and it happened, and it’s possible for anyone that goes after it.

If this sounds appealing, then what are you waiting for?

Nothing changed in my life until I changed something.

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The market here is endless.

It will never get saturated as long as there are people on the planet.

Go read the 4-hour work week if you haven’t or anything by Tim Ferriss.

He has a great way with words.

Thank you for reading.

Phillip Adams

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