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That crazy looking psycho behind me is my wife

I had the most amazing weekend with my wife and I want to share something with you that was a long hard lesson for me to learn.

First of all, I’m not bragging about what I’m doing.

If I can show you how much my life changed when I gave myself permission to go after what I really wanted, then maybe you will feel like you can do it too.

I talk to so many people who are smarter and more talented than me and they only see the obstacles in their way.

They don’t feel like they can add value to the online marketplace.

Many of them don’t feel good enough or smart enough or they are just scared of the unknown or financial disaster.

I remember feeling the same way.

Several times before I became an online marketer, I considered starting all kinds of businesses.

I never once pulled the trigger to move forward and completely committed to success.

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That’s why it never happened.

I’m not a natural at marketing.

My background is in blue collar repair and sales.

I wasn’t even that great at THAT.

This was a completely different change for me.

It was difficult for me, but has been so worth it.

I was at Cape Canaveral this weekend after an amazing day with my wife at Epcot Center having delicious food and drink.

The photo above is at Cocoa Beach near there and I was thinking about the space shuttles and ships that have gone to space and the moon.

It seems so crazy that somebody was able to do that and I’m sure was even more crazy the first time it happened.

It only happened because someone started making it happen.

A person organized other people who were good at certain tasks and they put people on the moon.

You could do the same thing if you believed you had to.

You are already a walking miracle.

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You learned to walk on two legs even though you failed miserably at it several times before you learned it.

You learned to read, speak, and write sounds and characters on paper or computer and put them in an order that allows you to communicate very sophisticated concepts and subjects.

Maybe it doesn’t seem as amazing to you because you feel like everyone can do that.

It still takes an amazing intelligence and perseverance to pull that off.

You have victories in your life that prove you can do amazing things, but maybe you mostly remember the failures when you think about doing something incredible.

This does not even take into consideration the talents that are unique to you and are your special traits.

You also have some talents you are probably not even aware of because of things you have never tried.

Here’s the hard, ugly truth.

You are not going to live forever.

Everyone you know and love is going to go through hard times and eventually die.

The Earth could be hit by a comet tomorrow.

You could drive to work and get killed by a drunk driver tomorrow.

Get urgent about what is important to you.

Start doing it today.

Right now take action.

Whatever you can do right now today, DO IT!!

Do you need to repair a family relationship?

Go on that vacation you’ve been dreaming about for years?

Buy a motorcycle? (I love mine)

Start that restaurant? art studio? Speaking Business?

Start an online business so you can quit your time and life sucking job? (I can help you with this one)

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I know that it’s not for everyone but it really could be for anyone willing to put the work in.

Whatever your passion and love is, go do that.

I did and I have no regrets.

In fact, the journey was even more amazing as I changed into a much better version of myself.

It wasn’t even that I really changed, it was more just understanding my own greatness and abilities and letting go of the baggage and lies I believed about myself for most of my life.

I hope you found something here that was inspiring.

If you want to make money online see my #1 recommendation.

If your path is something else, go right now and do everything you can today to get started.

Thank you for reading.

Phillip Adams

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Phillip Adams

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