The Problems with Working from Home

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Everything in life is a double-edged sword.

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So, like I was saying…

There is always a part about every situation that is perceived as positive and also negative.

Many of us live in perceived fantasies and depression about how things should be, could be, and how they are.

For example, when we see people having success at anything, we imagine what it would be like and we only imagine the fantasy part that are things we want in our lives.

We fail to see the downside and there is always a balance of upside and downside.

Conversely, in our current lives, many people see only the downsides and emphasize those over the upsides which they also experience.

Many of the things I have sought after have proven to be amazing experiences with downsides I was blind to and then had to decide later if I still wanted everything that came with when I saw the whole picture.

The example I’m talking about here is working from home.

I love having control of my time and deciding what I want to do everyday on my own schedule without another person dictating to me how much I am worth, when I can eat, go to the bathroom, go home, laugh, cry, and run with scissors.

However, the implied flip side is that I am able to be productive on my own, use my time wisely, not let home distractions get in the way, put in the extra work when I need to, and be nice to my family when they are trying to pull me away from work to fix the PS4 login password.

Some days, I don’t do well and I think how nice it might be to not have to think so hard and just go somewhere and do whatever a boss decides is the best use of my time in a work environment.

Initially, I was working non-stop. I was working a full-time job which was typically about 60 hour workweeks, and then coming home already exhausted and trying to run my marketing business.

Then, If I had any time left, I was driving for Uber in order to get a few extra bucks to stay ahead of bills and try to plan vacations.

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I spent months like this and got pretty burnt out on working so much.

I had to take some time for myself riding my motorcycle and doing things with my family.

Now, I have this problem where I want to go on vacation every week.

I always have a great idea for a new adventure and I love being free and seeing new places.

It is truly my zen.

However, I have a wife and kids that have needs.

I love them and want them to have their needs fulfilled as well.

Also, I don’t work much when I’m on vacation and I eat horribly.

I typically don’t get enough sleep because I get so excited to go see new things that I can’t sleep in.

I come home exhausted with stomach problems and then I have a readjustment period where I try to focus and can only remember the last vacation for a couple days.

I realize that sounds ridiculous, but it’s not a long-term viable lifestyle for me.

There must be balance.

Do enough work for one day and then go home.

Spend time and energy on your loved ones every day

Spend time on yourself at least every week.

Make sure you are also growing and moving toward your goals.

If you see your life as a miserable pit, then you are merely blind to the upside because you live in a fantasy where you believe things should be a certain way and they aren’t.

The life you imagine for yourself as perfect also has downsides that you may not be able to see now,.

Go for your dreams, but always remember that it is balanced.

You are served by the perceived good and bad.

The only appropriate response for everything is gratitude.

Thank you for reading.

Phillip Adams

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Phillip Adams

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