The Silk Road Effect

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This is one of the weirdest names for an online business opportunity I have ever heard.

You may have gotten an email for this and it tells you that for $17 you can learn how to make $1800 / day.

Sweet!!! Sign me up!

The $17 gets you some basic information on how e-commerce and Shopify stores work.

I’m going to give you that information free in this article.

After the initial sale, there are some upsells.

One of them claims to show you how to make $500k in your first month.

Have you ever heard of anyone making half-a-million dollars in his or her first month doing anything that wasn’t a huge project costing millions to start?

The claim is disgusting and they are looking for desperate suckers to give them a few hundred dollars for the information.

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I have said this in other articles, I don’t really care what a program costs if it really delivers something valuable.

What really bothers me is bad value, lies, or no value at any price.

It’s a waste of money.

The lady in the video promoting this opportunity was hired from fiverr.

She is a paid actress and has actually been in other sales presentations.

The information here is not great.

I believe you can make an amazing income on the internet and using e-commerce and Shopify.

However, it’s more than a few clicks and I think the income claims here are outrageous.

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E-commerce is something you probably already understand.

You are selling products online at a virtual store.

Shopify is a platform you can go to purchase online space basically customized to what you want and they give you tools that make it easy to put the store together.

Then you can connect to a marketplace so that you can try to get traffic to your store.

If they buy something, you have a sale.

Now, the products have to be bought and shipped.

You have some options here.

You can buy the products in bulk from a supplier and store them somewhere and handle the orders, shipping and customer service (This means refunds and broken goods).

You can also do drop shipping.

This means when an order comes in, you send it to the supplier and they ship it.

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They charge you for the item and shipping.

The customer pays you and the difference is yours.

This is less work, but requires you find drop shippers you can trust or your reviews ruin your sales.

Shopify stores and other E-commerce stores are extremely competitive.

So, it’s hard to get decent margins because other stores are selling the same stuff for low prices to beat the competition.

When someone tells you their Shopify store is bringing in $20k every month, ask them how much of that is actual profit.

Because it doesn’t matter if the costs are the same.

If you have a unique product that nobody else is selling, you could do really well if there is a demand for it just because you could set your own profit margins and not be competing with everyone else.

So, the final word…

Is this product a scam?

The income claims are lies.

However, the concept is sound and technically it could work.

I don’t recommend it.

There are better e-commerce programs available and just know that you need some kind of competitive advantage selling products in a busy online marketplace.

The product is on Clickbank, so if you hate that I’m telling you not to buy something, or you just have to know, you can get your money back in 60 days.

Thank you for reading.

Phillip Adams

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Phillip Adams

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