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This website promises to pay people who have social media influence.

Is it legitimate or just another make money scam?

I’m going to review it here below, however, if you are tired of online scams and want to learn to make money online then see my #1 recommendation.

It is the same program I and several others have used to make an income online from our homes working only on a laptop.

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So, how does Viral Dollars work?

They pay you $25 just for signing up.

Then, anyone you refer to their site that signs up pays you $10 per person.

After that, they pay you to download apps, do surveys, and you can get $50 for a testimonial video put up on youtube.

It has a calculator that asks how many followers you have and calculates daily income based on your influence.

Well, this all sounds amazing and I was just about to get ready to retire and buy that house in the Florida Keys when I decided to do a little more digging.

So, the first red flag that came to mind for me was where does the money come from?

If I can sign up for free and so can my referrals, how are they paying me so much?

Well, it turns out that anyone that signs up gets put into their “spam machine” where you get inundated with offers to sign up for different trial offers and survey sites.

Viral Dollars is getting paid by those tasks getting performed.

However, it is so much worse than this.

They have tasks on your dashboard that you have to complete before you can get any of your money, and there have been an alarming amount of complaints from people that claim they are not being paid even though the money shows in their virtual account with Viral Dollars.

Also, this company was previously known as Viral Pay and also referral pay.

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Viral Pay went offline and didn’t pay out any of its accounts and came back on as Viral Dollars pretending to be a new site.

It works exactly the same, but now Viral Pay doesn’t exist so nobody got their money.

It’s a scam.

You won’t get your promised money.

You will be bombarded with promotions as well as everyone in your contacts list that you send there.

I want to offer an insight here about make money online opportunities.

If you can’t see how the task you are doing is making the company money, then you should have some pause about believing it true.

Real opportunities typically rely on some type of sale in order to pay out a commission.

A service or product must be sold.

The only trick is learning to provide a service, skill, or product to the marketplace that people believe has value.

That’s the only tried and trued way to earn an honest dollar.

Stay away from Viral Dollars, Viral Pay, and Referral Pay or any sites offering the same thing.

Thank you for reading.

Phillip Adams

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Phillip Adams

I created this site to research and review internet and make money online programs and expose them as legitimate or scams.

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