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This term is getting thrown around a lot in the last year as people see the “gold rush” to work from a laptop from home instead of going into an office or work locale.

Being a virtual assistant sounds insanely appealing in so many ways.

Imagine being able to work from home at a laptop.

You work at your own schedule and there’s no commute unless you want to go to the coffee shop to work.

You can wake up at 10 and work in your underwear in your own bed and live the truly happy sweet life.

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Are you waiting for the other shoe to drop?

Here it goes:

What are you going to do to make money online from home and how much does it pay?

You can set your own rates and companies will look for the best value.

Many of them are looking for research tasks, data entry, and secretarial type work.

What do you think they pay for those jobs?

They are looking to pay less than an employee would be paid and save on benefits.

At least you get to work from home.

Working from home carries it’s own problems.

There are more distractions and many people can’t resist the latest Netflix series calling to them from the other room.

Even worse is the fact that Americans are competing with people from other countries for the same tasks and jobs and they are most likely willing to do those tasks for fewer dollars than you are.

So, how are virtual assistants making money?

They are learning and offering skills that companies and people are willing to pay more for.

We are talking about effective marketing, advanced graphic design, programming and other higher-level skills.

Making REAL money online or anywhere for that matter requires learning real skills.

This will be true in any economy.

That’s the same reason doctors, attorneys, and CEO’s get paid more.

If you want a bigger income online or otherwise, learn the skills the people making that money learned.

Get rich quick doesn’t exist except in marriage and the lottery.

However, learn valuable skills and you can get rich quicker.

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