Weed-Tirement Review

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I know it looks like clickbait or a fake company, but I assure you this is real and you may have already gotten an email about it.

Is weed-tirement a scam?

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Now, back to Weed-tirement:

I’m sure it’s no surprise to anyone that the marijuana industry is growing as legalization continues to pass throughout the United States.

Now that there are legitimate companies growing and producing cannabis products, there is an opportunity to capitalize on the growth of this already multi-billion dollar industry.

However, most of the stocks are underperforming leaving investors scratching their heads.

Many are gambling on penny “pot” stocks hoping to time the market for a massive windfall.

This strategy could be profitable, but requires excellent timing and an obvious inherent risk.

Many penny stocks do not go far and the company can go bankrupt leaving the investor with nothing.

So, how is Weed-tirement different?

It isn’t a stock.

James Altucher is heading this product.

He is pretty well-known in the investment community and has been successful.

James predicted the success of facebook, Bitcoin, and the DOW when everyone else said it was going to crash.

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He is selling access to an investment opportunity.

You would be investing in a company but it’s not a trade on the market.

So, what’s the company?

You have to buy Weed-tirement to find out.

Is this a scam?

I believe it is not a scam, but let me tell you what you are buying.

Weed-tirement is a subscription to Altucher’s newsletter.

It costs $49.

You get the information on the marijuana investments, some other reports on bitcoin, gadgets, and his book titled, “The Choose Yourself Guide to Wealth”.

At that point, James claims you can start investing with as little as $50.

The investment pays out quarterly and is dependent on your investment.

I would use extreme caution before investing any more money into something like this than you care to lose.

Since this is not an actual stock purchase, definitely make sure you understand your rights before putting any money down.

That said, it could be a lucrative opportunity.

Thank you for reading.

Phillip Adams

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Phillip Adams

I created this site to research and review internet and make money online programs and expose them as legitimate or scams.

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  1. Its about damn time!! I, too, have wasted countless hours, and money, trying to find something ‘legit’ to do online to make a living.

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