Why I Never Accomplished my Goals

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At some point in my life, an instructor or teacher (most likely at school) talked to me about the importance of setting goals.

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Now, back to when I learned about goals.

I seriously do not remember when that was, but probably about the time I realized that drawing a square house and stick figures was not really going to cut it anymore for schoolwork (sadly).

So, I started setting goals.

Then, I learned you had to write them down.

Then, I learned you had to look at them at least somewhat periodically, and also break the goals down into manageable steps.

After that, it gets a little troubling.

Sometimes, the goals would get fulfilled and sometimes they wouldn’t.

One thing I realized though was that some of the goals were things I would have accomplished anyway, without going through the trouble, and some of the other goals seemed impossible when I wrote them down, and I never achieved them.

The goals that were not achieved were many times not even my goals.

They represented something someone else wanted me to accomplish.

I’m not talking about those.

The goals that I really wanted to achieve and that I felt would have changed my life were the ones that got me most upset.

The bigger problem was that I would see others accomplish these goals and they seemed to have the results, and life that I really wanted for myself.

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In some cases, I didn’t work hard enough to accomplish them and I knew it.

Many times though I busted my ass and put in more work than anyone else and still felt like I fell short.

So, what’s the problem?

Why not me?

I have answers and after seeing other people with the same struggles and feelings, I want to share them.

First of all, In many cases, I did not truly want to accomplish that goal for myself.

I only thought that I did.

Let me give you an example.

When I worked at my old job, they had a club called “Heavy Hitters” that you would become a part of for selling over a million dollars of product and services in one year.

I went all in that first January and worked like crazy to hit that goal.

I worked weekends and nights throughout most of the year.

I wanted the title and the bonus.

Plus, there was someone else there I was trying to beat.

At the end of the year, my sales totaled just over $700k.

I fell way short of my goal.

It was the most I had ever sold in a year by far and I was still the top technician that year.

I improved a lot that year in my technique and expertise.

I never wanted to work that long and hard again.

The reason I didn’t hit the goal is because it didn’t motivate me enough.

I would be working late and hating every second of it and missing my family.

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I would shortchange the customers on the sales process and they would tell me no and I would let them walk away with that.

If I had truly wanted that prize, I would have gotten it.

There would have been no excuses and it would have happened.

That million dollar mark had a reward I wanted, but not enough to put in the work that it required.

If you have a goal that you are trying to hit and you aren’t hitting it, stop and look inside to see why.

It may be that you need more practice and experience.

However, if it was what you truly were passionate about and was so important to you that it was part of your core being, you would make it happen.

You would let nothing stop you.

There would be no excuse good enough.

It’s like a story I heard about a man being held under water.

At some point, if I held your head under water, you would find a way to get your head out and breathe, even if you had to kill me to do it.

If your goals feel impossible, maybe it’s because it’s not what you really want.

There’s nothing wrong with that, just figure out what you really want and work on that.

When you find it, nothing will stop you.

Stop setting goals that are based on what you think you should want because it’s what society says is awesome, or some other external motivator.

It’s totally frustrating when you don’t achieve them because it doesn’t truly speak to you.

Find what you love to do, do it better than anyone else, and enjoy the process and journey of getting there.

Some of that is the actual grind of going through learning curves, getting outside of your comfort zone, and possibly dealing with fears.

Embrace it.

Ask anyone who has an amazing six pack or single-digit bodyfat how they deal with hunger.

They will all tell you in some manner or fashion that they expect and embrace it.

Embrace the grind.

Learn to love that part and the routine.

That is the key to what you truly want.

Thank you for reading.

Phillip Adams

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