Why Most Online Businesses Fail

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Most of my online business reviews are about companies that promise websites that deliver or ideas that seem great on the surface.

The reason that most of them don’t work is they only teach you one or two components of the whole system.

If they teach you how to build a great website, then they don’t show you how to get anyone there.

Or if they show you a web concept that works, they don’t explain how to put everything together.

It’s frustrating for most people just trying to get into online marketing because they pay people sometimes huge amounts of money and seem to get very little for it or it’s great information and nobody will spend any time helping them integrate anything.

I can tell you, the first time I looked at how I needed to get a new fresh prospect from seeing my product for the first time online to actually buying something, it was overwhelming and I wasn’t even sure where to begin.

On top of that, I had people coming at me from everywhere telling me conflicting information and trying to get my money to let them help me or teach me the “newest, hottest trick”.

It did cost me some money to get educated and to build something online (it isn’t free to build any type of business).

I knew I had a great product that would really help people improve their lives.

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It was what came after that, that was frustrating and expensive.

How did I get people to see me and my product so that those who were like me or interested in what I had to offer could decide if they wanted it?

I had to get traffic.

Traffic is what will make or break an online business.

It’s just like brick and mortar businesses.

If you put a Walmart where nobody lives, it won’t survive even though they dominate almost every other market.

Online businesses fail most often because nobody even knows they exist and it costs money to advertise.

They can fail for other reasons too but traffic is almost every digital business’ biggest challenge.

My #1 Recommendation to make money online has an entire training section on traffic so that people can get the best and latest information on how to get the most traffic for your dollar.

However, I’m going to give you some freebies today in this article.

First of all, and probably the easiest way is your influence on social media.

You already (most likely) have Facebook and Instagram accounts where everyone you have friended can see what you post as words and pictures.

This is also true for any social media.

Most people use it to show what they are doing or eating and even if it’s an interesting pic, video, or quote, it’s just for fun and not making you a dime.

Let’s say tomorrow, you decide to start knitting socks and selling them over your facebook or Instagram account to your friends.

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The socks are a big hit and like 5% of your friends buy them.

You only have 200 friends so that’s about 10 orders. (I did math here. Sorry)

What if you had more friends?

Facebook has a 5000 friend limit and I will be honest with you, once you get over 1000, the friend requests start to come through like crazy.

Also, you can open a free business page on fb and get unlimited followers there.

So, if you want to get a bigger audience, start friend requesting people in your recommended people spot.

Then, send them to your business page and ask them to like it.

Soon, you have 5,000 people and climbing to show your product to that can see who you are and what you are all about.

As you probably know, Instagram is owned by fb and if you are great at snapping pics, you can advertise there as well.

People buy great products and services from other people they know and like.

This is basically a free way to get traffic.

If you can make compelling videos, then another free avenue for traffic is youtube.

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I have talked briefly about youtube on another post here.

What I will add now is that after you build a fb audience, you can send them to your youtube channel or videos from facebook or instagram and build your youtube audience and following.

Youtube is owned by Google and Google will send you free viewers if you can get them to like your channel.

I’m not going to get into all the details that entails here or you will be reading for the next 3 hours at least.

However, to help a little, I will say that your video needs to be congruent with your title and keywords.

Also, it needs to be something people are searching for.

However, if your facebook account is sending viewers over to it every day or week, Google can see that and will reward you with more traffic.

From YouTube, you can send people to your store or promote your product and just keep people in front of you and what you are trying to do.

There are ways to pay for traffic also.

You can buy ad space on facebook or instagram.

You can buy solo ads.

Basically, you pay someone with a huge email list to put your product in front of them and you get a certain number of clicks for your money.

Traffic is everything.

It’s one of the reasons why McDonald’s has been so successful.

They spend a lot of money researching where to put their restaurants so that they will get constant traffic.

They own some of the most valuable real estate in the world.

My #1 recommendation teaches you several methods to get traffic as well as how to put together the rest of your online business.

I have used these same methods to generate an amazing income online making over $4,000 in one day sometimes.

Thank you.

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Phillip Adams

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