8 app or web-based concepts to make money and fund your new business.

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This review is to help find ways to generate extra income to fund a new business or could be the gateway to getting you to make serious money at what you really want to do.

The good news is that all of these are easy to start and you can get as involved as you want or keep it light.

  1. The first and most obvious is Uber and Lyft.

Now before you roll your eyes, let me tell you I have personally talked to people doing this full time (way more than 40 hours) making 6 figures per year.

They have to subtract gas and maintenance from this number, but one of them told me that she makes almost three times the amount of money per hour during peak hours than she does during slower hours.

That means weekend nights and certain morning and evening hours during the week.

However, if you timed it right, you could add substantially to your income driving a few hours per week.

Other similar concepts are Postmates, Uber Eats, grub hub, Amazon Flex, and some others I’m sure I’m missing.

2. If you are more creative or have a more specialized marketable skill, you could offer that up on Craigslist, or a local free site that will let you run free or inexpensive classified ads.

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In Salt Lake City, we have a local news company that offers free classified ads and everyone sees and uses it.

I personally know people that have made money advertising on Craigslist.

Never rule something out because it sounds cliche or overdone.

Some of the best business ideas were invented long ago and still work great today (McDonalds, Chick-Fil-A, Vending Machines).

You could advertise handyman services, cleaning, appliance repairs, landscaping, or something cool that I don’t even know about.

3. Upwork is another site that offers professional services and it seems more like professional trades.

For example, you would be offering services like accounting, marketing, and consulting.

4. If you have skills in online services, there are websites like Fiverr, and Konker.

These would be considered virtual assistant services and you could offer almost any type of website or internet based service.

This could be graphic design, logos, black hat web services, and writing.

These websites are very competitive so finding a niche where there aren’t hundreds of competitors is key to not working for almost free.

I buy services from these sites because they are so reasonably priced.

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5. Another site that I put into a different category is Cafe Press because it is specifically digital design.

There’s no logistics or printing for you to do, so you can let your inner Michelangelo run free without worrying about how you’re going to market your work.

You can build designs on the site and sell them there.

6. Mechanical Turk is a site that works opposite websites like the previously mentioned.

They offer human-based tasks that pay a certain amount of money per task. Each task pays little, but if you put in work, you could have a side income that helps pay the bills.

Human-based just means tasks that computers are not as good at performing as humans are.

Go check them out to see if there is something there that you enjoy doing in your spare time.

7. I’m sure, by now, you have heard about Etsy.

It used to be more popular but is still a great place to sell handmade items online if you are crafty.

Etsy collects a commission and charges a listing fee for each product and sale.

If your margins are good, this could be a great side business that turns into full time.

People are making a great full time income on Etsy.

8. Photography is better than it has ever been if you have the eye for it and have a decent camera.

Everything can be transferred digitally to Shutterstock or iStockphoto and you could potentially sell the same photos multiple times.

These are mostly side hustle type jobs or businesses that could supplement your income or become your new full time gig after a while.

If you are looking to build another side business that needs some capital to run it, then these might help you get started.

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Thank you.

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