Create Your Own Smartphone App with no Coding

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In 2018, mobile app revenue grew to over $71 billion as an industry.

I’m going to share with you how to get your piece of that here shortly.

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Ok, so now back to my post:

The mobile app industry is still growing by double digits and shows no sign of stopping as the smart phone market is also still growing.

More than half the worldwide internet use is mobile.

Apps are bringing in a ton of money and it is just going to be more as time goes on.

Most people like you and I would not even consider creating our own apps for smartphones and users because it seems like too much technical work and money and time investment.

Times have changed.

Everything is being set up as a drag-and-drop or template style design allowing more people with creative ideas to get into the mobile app game.

If you can be on someone’s phone or watch, you are much more likely to get that person’s attention and get multiple exposures per day.

Apps are typically inexpensive or free and in-app purchases have become normal and commonplace.

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Games have the highest marketshare at about 27%.

Business, Education, Lifestyle, and Entertainment take 2nd through 5th place respectively.

Games would be typically harder to make, but there is a giant market still for the other categories.

You could create an app in the next day or two that would start bringing in revenue as word spread about your amazing business or educational app until you created a revenue stream that could potentially continue to bring in millions of dollars every single month.

Some of the most impactful and successful internet businesses are apps that people are using on their smartphones every day.

You can give away the app and let the advertisers that flock to you for your customer base pay you richly for the space.

There are literally millions of ways to profit from the internet working part-time.

Many of them don’t even require you to quit your current job.

You can just build it in your spare time.

The beauty is that once you find something that works, you can just let the internet automatically work for you while you do other things like sleep or vacation.

Here is a link to a company called

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This company has different packages based on what you want to build and you can decide on what is right for you.

However, it’s very inexpensive considering how easy they make it for you.

So, you can create a workout or recipe app for health and fitness.

You could create an app that supplies people with legal forms that they just fill in and get emailed documents.

The possibilities are endless and you can create whatever fits into what you are an expert at, or what you love.

Good luck, and let me know what you create so I can download it.

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There are many other ways to make a great living using the automation and reach of the internet from home just using your computer.

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Thank you for reading.

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