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Free Bitcoin Faucet is a website that promises free bitcoin.

How can this be?

Is this just another internet scam?

I will review it here, but if you are tired of internet scams and want to learn to make real money online, see my #1 recommendation.

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So, how does Bitcoin Faucet work?

First, let me preface this review by saying that other companies in the past (USI Tech) have offered free bitcoin and were found later to Ponzi schemes.

They were asking for an initial investment and the ROI was actually being paid from the new members signing up.

Most of these companies were shut down when the SEC when they figured out what was going on.

What makes Bitcoin Faucet different is that it is free to join.

The website allows you to make claims every 15 minutes and up to 5000 Satoshi are paid out.

If you don’t know what that is, it’s about 100 millionth of a bitcoin.

As I’m writing this, that equals about ten thousandths of one cent.

Are you excited?

Just remember that it’s free.

It’s like that miniature ice cream cone from McDonald’s you used to walk down and ask for in the summer time.

Also, they have other ways to make a little more with some dice rolls or getting referrals.

I’m not sure if it’s 100% legitimate, so if they ask for money, I would become extremely wary.

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Like I said, most of the companies operating like this were already shut down.

The money is almost nothing for the time you have to put in.

Your time would be better spent working at McDonald’s giving away those cones we talked about earlier for what it pays.

I’m not insulting McDonald’s workers here, just pointing out the company doesn’t pay too much but still more than Bitcoin Faucet.

Bitcoin is on the rise and as right now and as the media frenzy continues, I believe more of these types of companies are going to start popping up again.

Some of them are going to be scams.

If you are paying for a program that explains how bitcoin works, okay fine, but most of that information is free on Google.

If you are buying actual Bitcoin through a trusted source like Coinbase (that’s the one I use) then, that’s okay too.

Someone offering free bitcoin and asking for an investment to “secure your spot” should turn on the sirens in your head and I would run from that.

All the investors in these companies like USI Tech lost all their money.

Also, like any investment, do your homework before investing in Bitcoin or anything else.

There are positives and negatives every time and you should weigh your risks and benefits before putting substantial money into something.

Bitcoin is no different.

If you want to earn free Bitcoin from Bitcoin Faucet, then sign up and put the work in.

I just wouldn’t give them any money and don’t expect to make too much but maybe over time it could possibly add up to something if they stick around.

Thank you for reading.

Phillip Adams

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Phillip Adams

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