How to Make Money Traveling

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I love to travel!

In fact, as I’m writing this right now, I’m gearing up for a trip tonight to Key West, Florida.

I’ve never been there and I’m really excited.

I am able to do this only because I have an internet business that will continue to run and pay me an income even though I will be having fun and seeing new places.

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It has allowed me to quit my old job where I was working 60-70 hours every week and work part-time while generating an amazing income and lifestyle.

Due to my passion for travel, I have also learned ways to travel for less money and how to find deals.

I know many people who work in industries that get travel discounts or perks.

You may already know that airline employees get free and discounted air travel.

Here in Salt Lake City, JetBlue reservation agents actually work from home answering calls and they get free standby airfare to anywhere that Jetblue flies.

That’s not a bad gig!

I have also found that people in the hotel industry are able to stay in other hotels for free or almost free.

I am not sure which hotels offer this, but it could be worth looking into.

A part-time job could offer perks that outweigh the pay and other benefits.

Now, if you would like to actually make money in the travel business, I have an offer you should go look at.

It’s a guide to making money in the travel business.

If you love to travel, it could be life-changing for you.

Most people I talk to, would like to travel more, but they don’t because they don’t have the time or money or both.

Well, Imagine if you could actually make money to travel!

Go look at it and get some details to see if it’s something that interests you.

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The guide only costs $17 and it’s on Clickbank, so you can get your money back if you don’t think the value is there.

I know you will love the info if you would like to travel more and are looking for a way to do it.

The guide covers travel trends and tourism.

There are descriptions of all types of jobs and possible business opportunities.

It even explains how to get a resume put together.

The part I like the most is that it doesn’t matter if you have literally never went anywhere or are very seasoned in travel.

I wish I had found this years ago.

If you don’t want to work in travel, but you do like the idea of having an amazing income and working only part-time, see my #1 recommendation.

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Thank you for reading.

Phillip Adams

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Phillip Adams

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