Insider Profit Groups Review

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This review is one of the strangest ones I have done.

Insider Profit Groups are shooting themselves in the foot by promoting making $11,252 per month with a $9 investment.

That headline is insulting and a turnoff to most intelligent people looking to find a way to increase their income by trying something online.

It just seems super scammy from the start.

The opportunity here is a course in affiliate marketing through facebook groups.

“Technically” it could work.

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Here’s how:

If you can start a facebook group and get a large following by writing some content or giving the members some reason to be there, you could send them links that take them to an offer where they buy a product and it pays you a commission.

Here’s where it gets dicey, that takes time and some skill.

You can’t just start a fb group and start sending them offer after offer and expect them to stick around.

I wouldn’t stay in a group like that in any niche or interest.

Now, let’s say you start a motorcycle group (I love motorcycles, that’s why this example) and people love your content, and articles and pictures.

You attach a store to the group somehow that is your store or that pays you a percentage of sales from that group.

That could earn you money and could be substantial if people liked your site enough and you built it big enough.

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That’s why I say that technically it works.

It’s not $9 to get all the information.

They have upsells after that give you the good information and those are over $400 for everything.

I have no problem with this because they still give you a choice and people who teach you money making skills should be paid.

Colleges don’t blink an eye to charge thousands of dollars for courses that they force you take and the knowledge doesn’t help you earn money.

It’s not a great program in my mind because it’s such a narrow-minded approach to making money online.

I believe there are easier ways for the same amount of money or less to learn to make money online.

So, the final prognosis is this:

It’s not a scam, just not a great program.

Also, it’s on Clickbank so you have a 60 day money back guarantee if you want to check it out yourself.

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Ultimately, to make that program work, you are going to have to spend some time learning new skills, practicing them, and building up an audience and business that is profitable.

Even my #1 recommendation takes time to learn the skills and practice and hone them.

Just throwing up a website is not going to make you a millionaire and especially not overnight.

However, when I started my online business, I literally knew nothing and had to learn everything for the first time.

Now, I have a business that generates money 24 hours a day no matter if I’m sleeping or on vacation somewhere.

Some days, I have earned over $4,000 in online revenue.

If that sounds appealing to you, see my #1 recommendation.

It teaches you the same skills that I used to build my online business and generate automatic income from the internet.

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Thank You.

Phillip Adams

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Phillip Adams

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