Overnight Freedom Review

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How does Overnight Freedom sound to you?

I love the name, but is it real?

I am going to review this program below and determine if it is legitimate or just another scam.

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Overnight Freedom is a brand new offer rolling out right now (September, 2019).

The program was created by Gerry Cramer and Rob Jones and is designed to be a comprehensive system that teaches affiliate marketing from start to finish.

If you have heard of these names before, it is because they have been around for a while and started a similar system with Mark Ling in 2018 called Profit Engine Program by RISE Academy.

This program taught students how to create and launch facebook ads, landing pages, and which Clickbank offers to sell.

This is the definition of affiliate marketing.

These gentlemen had used this system and achieved massive success and profits.

They claimed it was a simple system that could be duplicated for massive income creation to everyone.

RISE Academy and the profit engine program offer has closed and although I have tried to find the reasons, it is unclear to me why it went away.

Now they are back and releasing this new program that has some definite upgrades from the original for the same price.

They are still going to teach fb ads and have added Youtube ads training which they call Google Display Network for some reason.

They claim to have software that generates ads and landing pages that are facebook compliant.

These are the two major differences that I see are actually beneficial.

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The website also states that they are getting higher commissions from their affiliate partners which may be true, but has a potential downside.

If everyone is promoting the same offer, then the space can get crowded quickly.

Also, they offer prizes to their top performing students.

Also, they have a focus on mindset which was a nice surprise to me as I find it rare in this industry that companies are promoting true self-development in order to achieve success at higher levels.

The Cost of the program is $2,497.

I believe this program to be a good opportunity and not a scam.

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I think the price is a little high especially compared to my #1 recommendation which gives more for less money.

However, I always promote education that enhances lives and helps people free themselves even if it is expensive, because I believe the return on that investment is always much higher if someone takes it on.

I can see that Gerry and Rob had several successful students from their last venture, but I would add that those students most likely had to spend time learning the skills, putting in the work, and testing the process in order to make it better.

This is true with any program and despite the name, you will not be free from your job tomorrow if you buy Overnight Freedom tonight.

I hope you found this useful.

Thank you for reading.

Phillip Adams

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