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I was talking to someone recently who I had just met casually and not in a work related environment and I found out a few minutes into the conversation that she was pretty famous photographer.

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Now back to the photographer:

She has done work for big companies that you have heard of and a few famous actors as well.

I’m not sharing names here because I don’t want her to have any trouble, but what amazed me the most was her story.

She had just gotten into the business with a decent camera and did photo shoots for families and weddings.

She was passionate about the work and kept learning and honing her skills in order to be able to provide great value.

As she got better and continued her business, she kept moving up to more wealthy clientele that wanted amazing photos taken of them.

She had kept learning and getting better, so she was ready for the task.

Now, she travels the world to awesome destinations making an insane income taking pictures and meeting amazing people.

This was all accomplished in less than five years.

People love pictures.

There is a huge market for great photos and pictures.

Instagram is an entire social media site dedicated to photos (Even though there are way too many memes and quotes)

Photography might seem like a weird topic here, but not when you consider how the internet can help your business explode.

First off, photographers as employees earn about $14-15 per hour which isn’t horrible, but does not get most people excited.

However, the sky is the limit as far as opportunities as a business owner.

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Here are some ideas:

First, (the most obvious) you can sell your services to individuals in order to develop a base clientele in your area.

If your work is good, the word will spread.

You are probably going to be doing lots of weddings, graduation, and baby pics (I don’t think there’s a market for divorce pics yet).

The advantage now is that you can start advertising for free on Instagram and Facebook by posting pictures for all your friends and acquaintances to see.

You need to be consistent and post daily so that when someone asks one of them who they know that can take great pictures, they can send them to you.

If you shoot amazing video, youtube is also free.

Videos on instagram need to be one minute or less in order to play in the feed.

Shooting video can pay very well if you have great ability, equipment, and editing skills.

From there, you can also snap pictures on your time and sell prints at photography and art shows as well as stock photos online.

Most stock photos don’t pay much but over time and enough photos bought create an amazing passive income.

You will find out after a while, what kind of pictures you love to take and which ones you are good at.

There are other ways to make money in this business in the beginning as you try to build an income.

First, if you are good at editing photos, you could sell your services to other photographer who hate editing or don’t have the time for it.

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This is a good way to perfect that skill as well for your business.

Also, why not teach classes on photography.

Most people who see amazing photos do not know how they can take pictures like that.

They don’t know which camera to purchase and what editing software they need and how much all this should cost them.

People will ask you how you take such amazing photos.

Tell them to sign up for your class and you can make additional income especially if you can sell them materials and equipment at a profit as well.

The best way to stand out is find the creative part of you that is different than anyone else and put that into your work.

That is what will set you apart and get people to pick your business over the competition.

The more people see your true personality in your work, the more they will want to work with you.

I’m recommending here a couple of online courses in photography that you can check out if you are interested.

The first is basically a photography class.

This teaches about cameras, settings, and basic photography.

The instructor is a little weird but very knowledgeable.

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The second link is how to set up a stock photo business and sell your photos online.

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