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I see a huge problem on the internet for people looking to work from home and getting funneled into a scam or crappy survey program.

I have reviewed several of these and pointed out the ones I could find, however, some work at home jobs do exist and I will review a few of the legitimate ones I have found here.

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There is definitely an appeal to working from home.

It’s nice to imagine waking up and having coffee and breakfast possibly with your loved ones, wearing bunny slippers, and walking into your home office instead of making a nerve-wracking commute somewhere to a small cubicle.

This might sound even better if you hate your boss and all your coworkers (look inside yourself, maybe it’s you).

So what’s it going to be like?

Well, a few things to consider:

How distracted are you going to be at home?

Are you a self-starter?

How organized are you when nobody is looking over your shoulder (What does your home office look like right now)?

Do you have enough Fritos Twists to get you through the next few hours?

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Now, as I get to these work from home jobs, let me be clear about something.

You are going to be paid for the value you provide to a company and/or its customers.

If you are doing menial tasks that most anyone could do, it’s going to pay what most people can easily make.

If you are upset that you aren’t making 6 figures for taking phone calls 20 hours per week, then this probably isn’t going to help you and honestly, I don’t know where you are going to find that.

So, there are a few companies here that I will mention, but in reality they fall into four categories of the type of work that needs to be done.

First, let’s get the worst one out of the way.

I only say it’s the worst one because I have done it for a time.

Your office is a remote call center station.

You take incoming calls from customers for a company either as customer service, sales, or tech support.

Most companies offering this require you to have a home phone line, and somewhat decent internet connection.

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I did this for an airline company for a few months.

The phone calls were typically not too bad and I got flight benefits.

However, the pay was not great, it was only part-time, and sometimes the callers could get mean if they were having a hard time (flights get delayed).

If you love answering phone calls for customers and want to work from home, I am showing you your calling and dream job right now.

The links below go to companies offering this kind of work.




The next type of work from home job is doing tasks on your computer and getting paid for them.

These task could literally be in anything:

Transcription, Linguistics, Translation, Marketing, Financing, Legal Services, Sales, etc.

These two websites can get you connected with these opportunities:



When you do work for these two companies, you are doing freelance jobs and getting paid for each job.

If the job is 15 minutes of work, then that’s what you get paid.

There are no minimums and I have read several reviews complaining about there not being enough work to sustain life.

These would more appropriately be part-time side hustle type jobs for a little bit extra.

They pay $9-$15 per hour depending on job and experience.

There are most likely no benefits and work will be sporadic at best.

The third work at home job category is with United Health Care Nursing.

Click Here for United Health Care Nursing

This company has a huge list of work at home jobs you can sort through and find a good fit.

Some of these could be answering phones, but what I found exciting was that nursing could be done remotely.

If you have some type of nursing degree or experience, then possibly you could assist patients through phone, chat, or video calls from your home instead of being on your feet all day.

The last work from home job in this post is for

This is website where you can sign up to teach English to Chinese kids.

Click here for Vipkid

There are several teachers and students already signed up and the website claims to pay $22/hour.

If you like kids and/or teaching, then this might be a great way to earn a great income working from home.

I have read some of the reviews and found a couple things to consider:

First, China is on the other side of the world, so the teaching times would potentially be at night.

Also, when you get set up, you have to put a profile and get picked by parents to teach their kids.

If no one picks you, then you won’t have a customer and won’t make any money because you aren’t teaching anyone.

Teaching experience would obviously be a plus here.

Good Luck.

Thank you for reading.

Phillip Adams

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