Russell Brunson and Clickfunnels

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You can’t go too far in the internet marketing world without somebody talking about Clickfunnels and it’s founder Russell Brunson.

Brunson may very well be the biggest name in internet marketing and Clickfunnels has become a household name in the affiliate marketing scene.

Russell Brunson is an author and his books describe exactly what he does to earn millions of dollars online.

He gives away a free book (You can get “Dotcom Secrets” or “Expert Secrets” for free right now) and then the value that you get from the book is supposed to make you more inclined to buy a product from him. (He tells you that in “Dotcom Secrets”)

You can even get 2 weeks of free access to “Clickfunnels” to see if you like it.

After that, He actually has several programs to choose from at different pricing and he has an “inner circle” that I believe is about $25k and you get premium access to Russell and all his “secret training”.

The idea of Clickfunnels is to have all the software integrated in one easy to use platform.

It’s like a one-stop shop for internet marketers.

This part of the program is very appealing especially for newbies who don’t know how to code or put together a sales funnel using all the separate pieces of software formerly needed to get a customer through the sales process.

He has programs for network marketers, coaching programs, ecommerce sites, and blogging or affiliate marketing.

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Anyone that you refer to Clickfunnels makes you money if they buy a product and there’s a residual on recurring payments.

That makes it a huge push for people just to promote Clickfunnels if they want to start an internet business and don’t have a product to promote.

I have nothing bad to say about Russell Brunson and what he has created.

His product works well, but I believe has some issues.

First of all, Clickfunnels is very popular.

Everyone is using it and therefore the templates and products are being sold everywhere.

I wouldn’t say it’s saturated, but I do see the same ads and templates all over the internet from different people every day now.

It won’t be long before it’s not really viable for how many more people are promoting it each day.

If you have your own product to sell, and want an easy funnel to put together, there’s nothing easier anywhere.

If you’re looking for an offer or business to promote and get paid a commission that is fresh and new, I would search elsewhere.

Here’s a link if you want a free copy of his “Dotcom Secrets” book:

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Thank you for reading.

Phillip Adams

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