The Best Place to Advertise Your Business

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Is there really a best place to promote your business?

Let me just tell you definitively, YES.

However, it’s not the same answer for everyone.

Let me start with Google.

That is the very biggest search engine.

It can read your content and connect you with the people that are looking for your product or service.

Google owns Youtube and so it sort of works the same way.

The problem for most websites is getting Google to send them traffic.

When you have a new site, people who may be searching exactly for what you offer may still never find your website because you’re buried ten pages deep in the search results.

You have a couple options here to get things going.

First of all, Google treats blogs better than most other websites.

Generally, blogs will rise up in rank faster than other types of websites.

Also, your SEO (search engine optimization) has to be pretty good.

This just means that your content, and keywords, and topic are congruent and what people are looking for.

This can still be frustrating in really competitive markets like “weight loss”.

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It is easier if you can find a niche that’s not completely exploited yet.

Just remember that as soon as it gets good for you, you will need to shift as others see the success and quickly copy your methods and product.

Youtube is the same except it’s obviously videos.

The videos need to be congruent with what your keywords are and they need to keep people watching or Youtube won’t send people there.

Something else that helps are social bookmarks and video embeds which I’m not getting into here.

Look it up.

Pinterest is a different platform that does massive sales online.

Bro! It’s not just for ladies.

Any topic you enjoy or care about probably has several pins, boards, and products for you to shop and buy.

You create a “pin” which is a creative picture or graphic with information on it and if people click on it, they can go to a website where they can buy your stuff.

A board is just a collection of pins.

Ranking is important here and Pinterest is also SEO based.

SEO based platforms work because it is taking people where they want to go based on their search results.

That means you are showing them a product or service that solves the problem, the moment they are looking for it.

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Here’s the downside:

They are seeing results for possibly hundreds of other companies when they see yours so you better have a compelling video, pin, or site.

Facebook and Instagram are owned by Facebook and are very effective advertising platforms.

The difference here is that you either advertise to your friends or pay for ads that you can use targeting to find your ideal customers.

These ads appear in people’s Facebook or Instagram feeds and if it gets their attention, they can click through and go to your website.

The downside here is that these people are seeing an ad they may have zero interest in.

However, this is also the upside, because if they are interested, you are catching them at a time when they aren’t shopping and looking at 15 websites and deciding on only one.

You have an advantage here.

Also, Facebook has a pixel that learns over time who your best customers are so that it gets more effective at finding them.

I advertise on all these platforms, but I think that your specific product or service will go better with one of these styles of advertising.

Facebook can get your ad to thousands of people quickly, while building an SEO style ad could take time to get it ranked but may be more effective long term.

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Thank you for reading.

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